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Jul 13, 2016 9:30:00 AM by InitLive

The Perks of Event Planning in the Cloud

Event Tech

A lot of preparation goes into planning an event and the worst thing that can happen is to suddenly lose all of your work. Thankfully, though, there are options available now to help prevent data loss. Cloud services have dramatically increased in popularity and for good reasons too. Cloud services give you a built-in backup in case something happens to the computer that you use to do your work. Here are some of the perks of event planning "in the cloud".

As mentioned, having your data backed up is a big advantage of using the cloud when planning your event, whether it's a conference, a festival, sporting, or campus event. When you save your information to the cloud, you'll be able to sleep at night knowing that it'll still be there in the morning, even if something happens like your computer crashing.

The cloud also allows you to access your information from any Internet-connected device. Sure, you may use your home or office computer for the majority of your planning, but what happens if you're shopping, for example, and think of something you want to add to the event? Simply pull out your phone and add it to the information that you already have in the cloud. Then when you're back to your computer, what you added will be there and you won't have to worry about having forgotten the idea you had at the store.

Being paperless means being more organized. You don't need to have a bunch of Post-It notes or notepads lying around to write down ideas when you use the cloud because the cloud is always accessible on your devices. And, while certain post-it notes can be misplaced or hard to find, having your information on the cloud makes all of your information searchable and easy to find for anyone who's permitted to access it. In addition to improving your organization, going paperless with your planning is environmentally friendly, cost-effective, and more accessible. Not having to rely on paper is especially useful when considering something like a map of the event's location. With a cloud service tool like InitLive, you can easily access and share event documents in the cloud rather than having to print it off of a website.

Speaking of accessibility, putting your data in the cloud allows for multiple people, at the same time, to access and update information. Do you want different members of your planning team to be able to help out? That's easy to do when using the cloud since your event information will update in real-time as documents are edited. Using a cloud service like Google Docs, you'll no longer have to worry about asking your colleague to close a document when you want to work on it, or about having multiple versions of the same document. This can be particularly beneficial when dealing with information such as contact info and volunteer or staff information. Having those details in the cloud makes it easier for your team members to communicate with one another. 

Technology has never made it so easy for event managers and their teams to work together so seamlessly while efficiently (and safely) storing their work. To learn more about how cloud services can help to dramatically improve your event team's communication, check out this infographic on How to Enhance Event Communication.

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