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Dec 27, 2019 4:15:00 PM by InitLive

The Volunteer Screening Checklist

Volunteer Management, Volunteer/Staff Recruitment

  The Volunteer Screening ChecklistEvery volunteer coordinator knows that recruiting top volunteers is vital for having a successful program or event. To ensure that you get a great return on your volunteer investment, you need a carefully-defined screening process in place. And it's more than just matching volunteers with roles. Public Safety Canada defines screening as a multi-step process that begins before you start recruiting and continues well after you've selected all your volunteers. So read on to find out everything you need to know about making the event volunteer screening checklist. 

Needs assessment

Assess your event or program needs, and then make a list of all the volunteer roles that need to be filled. Define each role with a thorough description, including skills, knowledge, and experience each volunteer role needs to have, as well as the tasks that each role requires.


Next, you'll need to use effective volunteer management software like InitLive to launch your recruitment campaign. That way, you can get your message out there by posting across all the relevant social media channels. You'll also want to give potential volunteers access to online applications containing customized questions that are designed to match volunteers with the right roles.

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Volunteer interview

Have questions prepared for your interviews, keeping in mind the adage of behavior-based interviewing (BBI) that past behavior is indicative of future performance. Volunteer Pro, for example, recommends that you make a list of knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSA) that you want your volunteers to possess, and tailor your interview questions accordingly using the BBI method. You would ask how the interviewee responded in the past when they were in a situation where they needed to demonstrate the specific abilities you're looking for.  

Background screening 

Volunteer Canada tells us that screening is a comprehensive process that can entail police background checks, interview questions, and supervision, follow-up, and feedback. The more risk involved -- for instance, the more contact the volunteer will have with vulnerable populations such as children, seniors, and the disabled -- the more involved your screening needs to be.  We recommend using a background screening service like verifiedfirst,  this will ensure a fast and reliable process. 


Make sure you ask for references, and that your potential volunteers know that you will check them. You'll want each person you interview to provide multiple professional references from people who are not close friends or family members, such as past and current employers. 


Even when all you've filled all your roles, Public Safety Canada says, the screening process continues in the form of supervision, evaluation, and feedback. This is especially true if you have volunteers responsible for delivering a higher level of personal care to vulnerable populations. 

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Keep track of every stage of the volunteer screening process with InitLive. You'll also be able to plan every aspect of your event, and store all your event planning documentation in one place. For more information on how to use Init Live to build your ultimate volunteer screening checklist, check out our website and our blog