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Aug 6, 2019 10:34:20 AM by InitLive

Tips for Planning a Sports Tournament

Event Planning, Sporting Event Management

Tips-For-Planning -A-Successful- Sports- Tournament

There are many moving parts that go into planning a sports tournament, from the perfect venue to ensuring you have correct number of water stations. Every detail that goes into planning a sporting tournaments will help ensure that you hit your sporting event out of the park  Here are a few tips to consider as your start planning your next sports tournament.

Set Goals and Parameters

The first step to ensuring your sports tournament is successful is to have clear goals for the event. When considering goals, think about the following:

  • How many groups would you like to participate?
  • How many attendees are optimal?
  • What is the budget available for the tournament and how is it best allocated?

While each tournament is unique, make sure you have goals set at the outset to help guide your planning.

Manage Tournament Venue and Equipment Logistics

Sports tournaments will require an appropriate venue. Depending on the sport you are hosting, the number of venues in your area may be limited. For example, there may only be one or two gymnastics clubs with available space. In contrast, if you are hosting a soccer tournament, there may be a large number of fields to choose from. Be sure to lock down your venue well in advance.

When choosing your venue, you should also explore what equipment they will make available. Will a hockey rink provide pucks, goals, and other required equipment? If not, you will need to factor equipment into your budget and create a plan to ensure the proper equipment is available for participating groups. Depending on the level of equipment required, you may want to look for a vendor who can coordinate the equipment logistics.

Plan for People

Any type of sports tournament will require a significant number of event staff and/or volunteers. Event staff are necessary for all logistics, such as check-in, parking, field marshals, and score keeping. Certain sports may require specific staff as well. A football tournament may require referees, and a golf tournament will likely need caddies for the participants.

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What will spectators  need access too? Will there be canteens ,water stations and how can they access to some shade to avoid heat stroke in a very hot and sunny day?

Once your staff and volunteers are booked, you will need to be able to communicate and coordinate with them throughout the day. InitLive's staff and volunteer management solution can help. Learn more here.

Day of Execution

A plan for the big day is essential to success. This plan should include things such as:

  • An event safety plan;
  • Schedule of events, including game schedule;
  • Parking and transportation;
  • Food and beverage for players;
  • Concessions for attendees; and

Keeping the above in mind, you are sure to have a smooth and successful tournament. 



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