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Oct 26, 2016 9:30:00 AM by InitLive

Top 5 Ways To Stop Stressing Over Your Event Plans

Event Team

Event planning isn't easy. If it were, anyone could do it. And the truth is, you're part of a small group: you're one of the people who can plan an event successfully.  But if you try to perfect all of your events 24/7, solo, you'll do two things. First, you'll make yourself sick. Second, you (ironically) won't have as good an event as you could've had. Here are the top 5 ways to reduce stress while event planning.

1) Write lists.
It's easier to keep things organized if you write down what you need to do. It also helps you prioritize your event plans, since you know what needs to be done first based on the deadline for each task. It also keeps your mind clear, since you no longer have a hundred tasks dashing around inside your head like drunken butterflies. 

2) Take care of yourself:
Exercise; hot shower or bath; healthy snacks; take breaks; spend time with friends; get enough sleep. If you don't take care of yourself, you can't take care of anyone else. Obey Dr. Bob's Rule of Two and Five: Get at least two meals a day and at least five hours of sleep a night. (Dr. Bob Passovoy recommends more, as well as a daily shower, but get at least that bare minimum.)

3) Use event tech tools.
Invest some time to find some event tech tools that will help you automate some of your tasks. Need to recruit and manage volunteers for your event? There's a tool for that: InitLive. Need to design an event logo as well as other event graphics? We have a whole list of tools you can use here. With the right tools you can extend your efforts far beyond the traditional methods.

4) Delegate 
Make use of your event team and leverage your volunteers - before, during and after your event. Work smart, not hard, by letting other people help. Do all this by optimizing the way you communicate. Use a staff and volunteer management tool that allows you to easily assign tasks and to text message your volunteers on event day. 

5) Create a plan A, B, and C
Create contingency plans for event day and find peace with some details not going exactly as planned. The military says no plan survives contact with the enemy. Accept the fact that the unforeseen will happen, and you may need to improvise. Be prepared with a Plan B, (and a Plan C) and you'll be able to cope gracefully.


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