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Social Media Examiner Invests in Its SMMW Conference Volunteer Program


Every year, thousands of attendees from all over the world come to the Social Media Examiner's three-day mega-conference, Social Media Marketing World (SMMW). But the event had become so popular, event staff found, old methods of volunteer management were no longer as effective. Today the SMMW conference volunteer program is more connected, efficient, and focused than ever. Read on to discover why the Social Media Examiner invests in their conference's volunteer program each year with InitLive.

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4 Ways to Promote Your Conference Event on LinkedIn

In 2019, LinkedIn has 630 million users, with 303 million monthly active users. In the USA alone, there are 177 million LinkedIn users. When it comes to channel B2B marketing, LinkedIn is the number 1 platform for content distribution. Now, of the 630 million users, only 3 million share their content weekly.

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Tips To Successfully Plan Your Next Conference Event

Conferences are some of the best places to meet like-minded colleagues within the same industry or creative individuals who share similar interests. In an increasingly interconnected world where relationship is key for business, conferences are a must-have for proper networking. And the company that organizes the conference will have the most prestige and visibility at the event.

But, you already know all that. You also know that planning a conference can be tricky— how do you create a dream conference that will go smoothly and benefit you, the organizer, and all attendees? Try these tips:

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