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In it for Event Success
A Quick Guide to Marketing Your Event Using Social Media

In today's climate, the best way to attract attention and attendance to any event is through social media.  People are more likely to learn about what's going on in the community through quick check-ins to their favorite online media channels because they tend to look at those sites several times throughout every day. A strategic plan for getting your message out into the world can help ensure a successful event.

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5 Steps to Secure Sponsorship for Your Next Event

One of the most crucial aspects of planning a major event is securing sponsorship. Sponsors collaborate with you, spread awareness of your event through their own social reach, help raise money, and get your message out there. It's a big role to fill and you need to make sure you find the right sponsors whose goals match your own. How do you do that?

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5 Tips For Promoting Your Fandom Convention


This year was San Diego Comic-Con's 50th annual event and brought in an estimated 135,000 attendees. As the most popular fandom convention, that growth may seem like an impossible scenario, but it's not alone. Each year, fandom conventions become more and more popular and they are popping up in towns around the world. How do you promote an event like that? Here are a few tips.

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Four Ways to Promote Your Sporting Event Using Facebook


So you are going to hold a sporting event?  Running, swimming, biking, climbing, baseball, football, soccer...whatever your event, chances are there are Facebook users out there who want to know about it.  Statista reports, "As of the first quarter of 2019 Facebook had over 2.38 billion monthly users worldwide." That number represents a great reason to utilize Facebook to create your promotion plan. Below are a few more:

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4 Ways to Promote Your Conference Event on LinkedIn

In 2019, LinkedIn has 630 million users, with 303 million monthly active users. In the USA alone, there are 177 million LinkedIn users. When it comes to channel B2B marketing, LinkedIn is the number 1 platform for content distribution. Now, of the 630 million users, only 3 million share their content weekly.

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Promoting Your Festival Event Hashtag: The Ultimate Guide

You probably know that Twitter was the first to use hashtags to promote a topic or event. And now, they're being used throughout all the major social media channels by companies and individuals alike to promote special events. Below you'll find our ultimate guide to promoting your festival event hashtag. 

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The Obvious and Not-So-Obvious Value that Volunteers Bring to Events

Most volunteers aren't in it for the recognition; they just want to help. Volunteering can be a thankless role (which is exactly why you should make your volunteers feel appreciated). The tasks that volunteers commonly handle may seem minor, but the assistance of volunteers is vital to any event. 

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5 Ways Volunteers Have a Direct Impact on Your Event's Reputation


You plan for months for the big day. But the real payoff comes afterwards, when your event receives rave reviews, word of your successful event spreads, and everyone looks forward to next year. But whether or not your event gets a positive reputation depends on your volunteers. If you have any doubts, here are five ways volunteers have a direct impact on your event's reputation: 

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Roadshow Events: Staying Organized When You're on the Move

As the world of modern marketing continues to evolve, event planners eager to make an impact are often looking to outside-the-box tactics. While mobile events certainly aren’t a new concept - having been around since the days of horse and carriage - this unique way of reaching consumers has seen an exponential rise in popularity in recent years.

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How to Promote Your Event Using Instagram

Instagram is a fantastic tool for spreading the word about your event. By incorporating the use of Instagram into your event planning, you can create excitement before, during, and after the big day. Here are a few tips for making the most of this free platform to boost your event marketing capabilities.

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