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Mar 31, 2022 1:47:37 PM by InitLive

Ukraine’s Humanitarian Crisis

Humanitarian Crisis

Ukraine’s Humanitarian Crisis

Due to the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, approximately 25% of the population has been displaced, and many have fled to neighbouring countries to seek shelter. Many organizations are trying to make a difference by providing support, whether it’s by offering shelter, food, medicine, financial aid, and much more!

Global Medic is a Canadian Charity that has professional emergency workers and professional and skilled workers to help make a difference for those who need it. Please read on to learn more about how GlobalMedic is helping with the humanitarian crisis and how you can help.

What Global Medic Is Doing To Help

GlobalMedic was founded on Emergency Response, they focus on saving lives by offering a rapid response to any disasters and crises. They focus on running six core programs, which are water, emergency food, medical shelter, flood, and RescUAV program. With the help of their dedicated and passionate group of volunteers and the use of InitLive’s Volunteer Management Solution, they are able to provide the essential aid to the right people at the right time.

Since the start of the war, GlobalMedic started a program targeting relief in Ukraine by offering food, hygiene items, and medicine. They also provide free hot meals for those who are seeking safety from violence. Due to millions of families leaving Ukraine looking for shelter in neighbouring countries, GlobalMedic also focuses on distributing these essential items to them as well. 

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How Can You Help? 

GlobalMedic has seen a surge in volunteers to help with their Ukraine mission. InitLive has donated a 20% larger and expanded VMS subscription to manage the workforce surge. GlobalMedic leaders state the best way to help today is to DONATE money to their Emergency Relief Fund, giving them the flexibility to respond to rapidly changing conditions of the humanitarian crisis.

Please join InitLive to help.

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