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Oct 17, 2019 12:15:00 PM by InitLive

Volunteer Management Guide For Endurance Race Events

Volunteer Management, Sporting Event Management

Copy of Blog Images Vol. 12 (63)Volunteers are a vital part of any successful event. It is not enough to just appreciate the efforts of a volunteer, rather an event organizer needs to plan the volunteers' roles very carefully. And if you are organizing something like an endurance race, then you will need to pay special attention to volunteer management to have a successful event. In this post, we talk about a few tips to guide you in that direction.

Decide the headcount and then recruit

Before you even start asking people to volunteer, decide on the basics like how many people you need. An efficient way of doing this is to first list down the tasks that need to be done and then assigning the number of volunteers required to it. This way you will have a clear goal in place.

And for recruiting, try to look out for volunteers at places where you know people will be interested in your event. So, for a racing event, perhaps you can turn to your local runners' club for volunteers. That way you will have a more engaged group helping you.

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Easy online volunteer registration 

Once you have your volunteers, make it easy for yourself by going for an online registration system. Event planning solutions like InitLive helps you in this area. You can optimize the whole process of registration and subsequent communication through such tools. You can also assign tasks to each volunteer through such apps. 

Volunteer Training and providing access to event documents

Another essential point which often gets pushed to the back burner is the volunteer training. For your team to function seamlessly on the day of the event, they must get the appropriate training before that and have manuals to refer to if needed.

You can organize the training session a day before the event. And if you are too pressed for time, then make sure that volunteers report to the venue a couple of hours before the starting of the event so that you can go over the details with them.

Basic amenities

Be courteous to your volunteers by providing them with the basic amenities like a locker room to store their belongings and availability of refreshments. The quality of experience that you give to your volunteers will also impact their involvement in the event.

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Something other than appreciation

According to this report, the estimated value of each volunteer hour in 2018 was 25.43 USD. So, while appreciating the work of your volunteers is necessary, you can go the extra mile to show that you care. In an endurance event, chances are that most of the volunteers are runners themselves. In that case, why not give them a chance at registering for free for one of your events in exchange for volunteering. or you can have people volunteer for the pre-race requirements so that they are free to participate on the day of the events.