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Jul 25, 2018 9:09:00 AM by InitLive

Volunteer Recruitment & Retention Strategies that Work

Volunteer Management

Copy of Blog Images Vol. 11 (7)As an event planner, you know that getting and keeping quality volunteers is vital to your brand. A well-trained volunteer team can actually reduce the amount of wages you pay out to your permanent employees, considerably increasing your ROI. Below, we've gathered some strategies for recruitment and retention strategies that really work.

1. Use online recruitment

Use your website and social media channels to promote your event. Announce volunteer roles within your online newsletter and job boards. And be sure to use a volunteer management tool that allows you to share a recruitment link.

2. Have volunteers apply for shifts online

A recruitment strategy that allows for flexibility gives volunteers a welcomed sense of independence. Provide your volunteers with the option of selecting and editing their shifts online. This strategy will save you time, because you'll be able to let volunteers choose shifts based on preference and availability.

3. Make your volunteers accountable

While you give your volunteers a sense of autonomy, you need to keep them accountable. Post your attendance policy where everyone can access it, and keep track of attendance, latenesses, and no-shows using a volunteer management software.  

4. Schedule performance reviews

Keep track of each volunteer's overall performance and schedule sit-down reviews. You can even post the criteria for getting a good review so that your volunteers know how to improve. Lastly, provide incentives that will motivate your volunteers to shoot for exceptional evaluations.

5. Recognize the top performers

Recognize those who completed all their online training, have perfect attendance, or receive the most positive feedback. For instance, you can select an employee of the month and list the achievements of exceptional volunteers in your online newsletter.

6. Allow feedback

Let your volunteers share their experiences. Provide online evaluations which your volunteers fill out during and after the event, and ask for suggestions on how their experience could be improved.

7. Let your volunteers build a community around your event

Post a newsletter that keeps your past, present, and future volunteers engaged. Give out swag with your event logo (battery chargers, cup holders, key chains) that your volunteers will use every day. And as appropriate, keep an online event forum via your event website accessible throughout the year for volunteers and staff to learn about updates and exchange event stories.

8. Run a logo contest

Give your volunteers the opportunity to design your event logo. The winning logo can be worn at the event on hats, t-shirts, polo shirts, hoodies, or formal event uniforms. Your volunteers will appreciate playing this valuable part in designing your brand: They'll share the contest news and the logo online, and they'll become living, breathing brand ambassadors.

InitLive is an all-in-one event communication tool that helps you recruit, manage, and retain your volunteers. It allows multiple-level access so that event managers can store and access all event and staff-related information, keeping your volunteers engaged and motivated.

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