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Jun 13, 2018 9:04:00 AM by InitLive

Event Planning 101: Why Every Stage of Your Event Counts

Volunteer Management, Event Management

Event-planning-101On the face of it, much of the success of any event hinges on the execution of the event itself, but on closer inspection, the reality is that every stage of your event matters - from the conception and pre-planning stages, through to the post-event follow ups.

With this in mind, in today’s post, the packaging experts at R+R Packaging have put together an event planning 101 guide that covers all aspects of organizing an event to ensure it runs without a glitch - leaving you with happy attendees and vendors, and glowing reviews.

Plan with precision

Regardless of your event’s size or your planning prowess, precision is fundamental when it comes to getting it right on the day - and as most savvy event planners will know, the devil is in the detail. From finding the perfect venue to establishing a consistent brand message that resonates with your target audience to effective event pre-promotion, the planning phase is the cornerstone of your entire event - period.

To ensure you’re fully in control, allow yourself as much time as possible to put together a robust and airtight event planning strategy that covers everything. While meticulous planning may seem like an arduous and unappealing task, you’ll be thankful on the day that you’ve left nothing to fate and have a plan in place to deal with any eventuality that may arise. Understandably, the list of considerations involved in event execution is extensive, but enlisting the help of the latest event planning software designed to streamline your event workforce management will go a long way in keeping you on track and focused.

As part of your precision planning, seasoned event organizers will always make sure they’re one step ahead with contingency plans ready to deal with anything that could go wrong on the day - whether that’s inclement weather, technological issues or worse. With a backup plan in the wings, you can guarantee the show will go on regardless and that attendees and vendors aren’t left feeling disappointed or disgruntled.

Run a tight ship on the day

With a fool-proof plan devised leading up to the event, don’t be lulled into a false sense of security that everything will take care of itself on the day - far from it. In order to keep invested sponsors, vendors and the all-important attendees happy during their time at your event, the entire execution needs to run smoothly and on schedule - as unnecessary delays can quickly spell disaster.

To get things off to a good start, ensure that the venue setup is timely, allowing your space to be event-ready well before the doors open. Giving sufficient time for vendors, technical operatives, caterers and staff to access the venue and set up will help to keep things ticking over nicely and give you ample time to overcome any issues before guests arrive.

Also, don’t forget to brief your staff before the event goes live, ensuring everyone has a clear idea of their roles and responsibilities throughout the day and a good understanding of event objectives. This way, they’ll be better equipped to provide outstanding customer service to bolster positive experiences for event-goers while the event is underway.

Considering your attendees’ needs, it’s important to do everything you can to not only maximize attendance with enticing special offers and online pre-promotions, but also gain their buy-in on the day. Employing attendee-centric tactics across your event like exclusive offers, freebies and giveaways will all go towards boosting their on-the-day experience and demonstrate that you’ve put their needs first.

Finally, don’t forget about the potential value social media can bring to your event. Ensuring free WiFi is available throughout the venue is essential in the modern-age, while implementing event hashtags, live walls and social media promotions will give event-goers the opportunity to engage with you and share their experiences with a much wider audience.

Strike while the iron’s hot after the event

With your event successfully executed, it’s now time to put your post-event follow up campaign into action while the event is still fresh in everyone’s minds. To start with, it’s always helpful to carry out a post-event analysis, highlighting the areas that were a success and others that could benefit from improvement for next time. To get a fully rounded view, take the time to contact vendors and suppliers for honest feedback - they may be able to offer up different perspectives that can help you build on your tactics ahead of the next event. Also, be sure to keep in contact with your audience in the days and weeks after the event to ensure you make a lasting impression. From posting exclusive photos, videos and highlights of the event on social media to utilizing data captured from event-goers to send out after-event newsletters, surveys and special offers, it’s vital to strike while the iron’s hot to ensure your event stays at the forefront of their mind and to show you still value their input and interactions.

It doesn’t matter if you’re hosting a large-scale business conference or an intimate product launch, ensuring all aspects of your event are well-planned right from the start will go along way in securing happy event-goers. With meticulous planning that spans across the entire event process, we hope you’ll have everything you need to pull off glowing events every time.

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