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Why it's Essential for Volunteer Management Technology to be Intuitive

Posted by InitLive on Oct 5, 2018 9:03:00 AM

Volunteer Management TechnologyYou might take a deep breath before you pick up a new piece of technology, bracing for the whirlwind of information that will try to engulf you throughout the learning process. True, there will be a learning curve to anything new, but when you seek out an volunteer management solution with an intuitive user interface (UI), the learning process goes more quickly than you might imagine. It's not just more convenient to have an intuitive UI, it's essential. Here's why:

1. It's More Efficient (& Enjoyable to Use)

Among the main reasons that people invest in a new tool is to achieve a process that more efficient than the last, while also solving a variety of problems. From the beginning, your new tech tool should be easy to look at and understand. The process of using it should make sense. And, each action should lead to a logical next step. A well-designed volunteer management tool makes it easy to learn so you can jump right into your next event and save time for where it's needed most.

2. Staff & Volunteers Can Learn Quickly

When it comes to volunteer management, people with varying levels of tech-savviness will be interacting with your system - be they additional members of the planning committee or volunteers looking to signup. Using an intuitive platform means you'll save time and feel less stressed because your fellow organizers, staff and volunteers will be able to easily understand how to use it. This also means they're not calling or emailing you at all hours to ask questions about how to use the new system.

3. You Can Trust It

An intuitive user interface is an indication that the tech tool was built with the end-user in mind. To provide a volunteer solution that works well, the designers would have had to work diligently with both volunteer managers and volunteers to fully understand their needs. If they've done this, then that means they understand your challenges and are applying that insight to create a solution.

When you're shopping for volunteer management technology, look for something with additional details and information icons that will guide you through the learning process. You want something simple (in that it's easy to use), but robust (so that it does everything you need it to do). Simplified tech helps you work faster and eliminates errors. 

As you test new technology, ask yourself: Is this intuitive? Can I easily and naturally find what I'm looking for? When the answer is yes, you may have found your new best volunteer management friend.

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