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Jul 20, 2016 9:30:00 AM by InitLive

Why Volunteers are Perfect for Promoting Your Event

Volunteer Management

Volunteers-promoting-your-eventIt's no secret that volunteers are one of the greatest assets of an event. You'll spend many hours recruiting, scheduling, and communicating with your volunteers and there will still be lots more planning to do; including promoting your event. Why not use the mass amount of excited, passionate volunteers you just recruited to help promote your event? Here are a few ideas:

Before – Word-of-mouth promotion from your volunteers is your best friend.

E-mail individual volunteer schedules in advance and include a social media hashtag for them to share along with a fun image or teaser video.  Entice them to share by making a contest of it.
Encourage volunteers to take a selfie wearing their event t-shirt, then post and tag your event.

During – Create buzz, excitement, and fun throughout the event.

 Encourage volunteers to take photos. Set-up large posters and/or selfie stations/photobooths with your logo (and your sponsors' logos too) around your event. Provide access to wifi to make it easy for them to share these photos via social media.
Make each photo station a destination at your event and station volunteers there so they can help create excitement and take photos for people. The more hype that's created for taking photos, the more attendees will be excited to have their photo taken.

After – Proof of a memorable, enjoyable, and engaging event.

Encourage volunteers (participants and spectators too) to use social media to say they had a great time at the event.
 Give a public thank you to all volunteers, participants, and spectators via email and social media. Include links to your event's photo gallery and to all of your social media channels to build your following.

There's no reason to let the promotion of your event hang only on your shoulders. Delegate that too by leveraging your volunteers and by using their excitment to promote your event.

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