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Create an inspired volunteer program by streamlining recruitment, scheduling, and manage volunteers in real-time with our all-in-one solution.


"InitLive makes organizing our volunteers seamless. I heard wonderful feedback from our volunteers about how seamless the app was for helping them know exactly where to be & when. THANK YOU for making our lives easier so that we can make our events top notch!”

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Event Workforce Management 

Day-to-Day Volunteer Management

Plan and manage all your volunteer programs and initiatives with InitLive's centralized volunteer management solution. InitLive's community, volunteer management solution, allows you to:

✔ Recruit and schedule skilled volunteers efficiently 
✔ Run multiple programs and initiatives  simultaneously 
✔ Manage all your volunteers in one centralized database 
✔ Manage multiple organizations, members, administrators, through one account

A Solution With Endless Flexibility 

Recruit A Committed Team 

Simply the signup process with a customized web-based sign-up page and registration form. Collect the information you need from individuals and groups right way with custom questions and qualifications.

Streamline Scheduling 

“Smart Scheduling” allows you to schedule people based on their unique skills and availability, ensuring you match the right people to the right roles. Save time by giving volunteers ownership over their shift selection through easy self-sign-up.

Keep Your Team Connected

Stay connected to your team or individuals through the Initlive Mobile App.  Empower your team with two communications, shift reminders and shift information, reducing confusion and no shows. 

Analysis and Optimize 

Optimize your event or program through multiple venue management, streamlined administration, and robust reporting to improve year over year