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Day-to-Day Volunteer Management Software

Start offering more engaging volunteer experiences through InitLive's volunteer management software!  Fill out our form to book a sales chat with our team to learn how to do more for your mission by recruiting, retaining, and evolving volunteers into long-term supporters with InitLive.

InitLive's All-in-one Volunteer Management Software

What Our Customers Say

"I used to use Excel spreadsheets to manage my staff and volunteers. It consumed a lot of my time and made it very difficult to keep up with all of the changes to the schedule. I'm really glad a colleague recommend this volunteer tool to me. Everything is all in one place. It's really nice to know that I have control of the scheduling and communications in a central location. Even better is that I don't have to carry around a binder at my events anymore. It's all on my phone."

“We firmly believe that staying organized contributes to volunteers returning for more shifts. From signup to delivery, we want this to be a simple process for volunteers. InitLive’s simple and flexible software has been paramount in keeping us organized. Our volunteers really appreciated the ability to self-sign up and the flexibility to fit their volunteering around their busy life, work, and family schedules.”

"Initlive is great because it provides you with one place to store all your volunteer information. Previously I had just been using my email and it was hard organize volunteer information efficiently with so many other emails coming in and out. Now I can go into InitLive and see all the volunteers names in a nice list, gather their T-Shirt size requirements, their contact information, and anything else that I need-- without having to search my inbox."

A Solution With Endless Flexibility


Allow your volunteers to view all your opportunities listed on your website or create branded sign-up pages. InitLive's volunteer management software offers a seamless online application process, making it easier for administrators to collect all the necessary information for volunteer screening and placement.


Assess each volunteer easily and automatically for every opportunity. InitLive makes it easy to accept and reject applications from a centralized database to ensure your team will have the essential qualifications to thrive.


InitLive helps you build your shifts and roster your volunteers efficiently. Volunteers can view opportunities and qualifications to sign up for roles, tasks, and shifts that best work for them. Administrators can use RosterMode to match volunteers based on their strengths and availibility.


Enhance and maintain communications with your team by staying connected through automated emails to individuals or groups. Track hours and volunteer performance to express appreciation and gratitude through personalized thank you messages.


InitLive has made it easier to review and report on your volunteer program data to key stakeholders and how to further improve your program! Retrieve reports to secure funding and optimize your current program to make larger impacts year over year.

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