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InitLive provides the most innovative campus event technology to engage students & hold them accountable.

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Whether you're planning a Welcome Week or a Commencement for your University or College, use a tool that your campus volunteers are already familiar with - their Smartphone.


Easily create the schedule and re-use data from one event to the next.


One-touch check-in to
track hours and know
who's on site.


When you have no-show volunteers, find a qualified replacement.


Broadcast messages to targeted team members across your entire event site.

Empower staff & volunteers by connecting them.

InitLive will help you create an effective and efficient volunteer / staff management process.

Enhance Event

Solve problems with individual
or targeted group communication


Event Safety
and Security

Know who's on site and handle
discrete issues with the right
team members.


Gain Control
of Your Team

Know where your team is posted
and reposition staff and
volunteers on the fly.

Staff and Volunteer Management Software for Campus Events

Engage your school and students to be part of all on campus event activities by using InitLive's smartphone solution. Event managers can schedule and recruit from anywhere using our cloud-based technology. Communication on event day becomes easy since managers can see who's checked in and can call, text, or send push notifications to volunteers as issues or schedule changes arise.

What Types of Academic Events Can Use InitLive?

  • Homecoming

  • Convocation

  • Frosh Week

  • Frost Week

  • Freshers' Week

  • Orientation Week

  • Welcome Week / WOW (week of welcome) events

  • Gala

  • Alumni Events

  • Commencement

  • Award Ceremony

  • Sorority Event

  • Fraternity Event

  • Sisterhood Events

  • Donor Events

  • Ceremony

  • Commemoration

  • Charity Ball

  • Championship

  • Parade

  • Comedy Night

  • Spirit Week

  • Faculty Events

  • Student Club Events

  • Town Hall

  • Info Sessions

  • Lectures and Seminars

  • Training Session

  • Gala Concert

  • Reunion

  • Job Fair

  • Varsity Events

...and more!

See for yourself how InitLive will transform your event operations.

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