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Case Studies

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Ottawa Cares 

“InitLives flexibility in creating volunteer shifts and curating schedules is incredible. Volunteers really appreciated the ability to self-sign up and the flexibility to fit their volunteering around their busy life, work, and family schedules.” 

Josh Cassidy

Community Response Coordinator

The George Washington University Hospital

"I appreciate InitLive’s forward-thinking and innovation to flexibly serve the needs of our organization." 

Gini Douglas

Patient Experience: Volunteer Supervisor


"InitLive helped me stay organized. It allowed me to see where I had gaps in my schedule and helped me group shifts together for check-in times. It allowed my volunteer coordinators to come in, review the schedule, and easily see what they need to manage, which was nice."

Katie Kresl 

Volunteer Manager, Wanderlust

Social Media Examiner 

"It's worth the investment in your volunteers. InitLive is worth every dollar to be able to streamline and better manage, communicate, organize your volunteers. It allows you and your volunteers to focus on what is really important."

Jaci Feinstein
Event Manager
 Loud And Live 

"Having worked with other platforms, InitLive
offers the best flexibility to be as simple or
complex as I need it to be when managing our

Stacy Konstantinov
Manager of Community Relations
Academy of Country Music Awards

"Every year our event is more dependent on our volunteers, our program has grown & has a great reputation within our organization. InitLive has a lot to do with that.

Sheri Piecuch Vyfvinkel, Volunteer Manager
Academy of Country Music Awards

Indy Premier Soccer 

"With the InitLive app, we can take care of a volunteer's issue in under five minutes, saving 45 minutes and frustration."

Matt Schlake
Director of Events
World Junior Girls Golf Championship

I strongly support their system as it allowed us to know instantaneously where we stood with volunteer necessities along with having a clear overview of scheduling at any moment throughout the Championship.”

Andrew Donaldson


Ottawa Jazz Festival 

"I learned [how it's] difficult to schedule & coordinate with 600 different people, and Initlive helped me seamlessly accomplish that task. I believe it did positively impact my event."

Wickenheiser World Female Hockey Festival

“It has made an absolutely massive difference in logistically managing & coordinating all our volunteers as the week goes for 8 days over 2 weeks...we're going to continue using the system next year, keep growing our event, and keep helping women's hockey get bigger and better.”

Hayley Wickenheiser


IEEE Ottawa Section - The International Electromagnetic Compatibility Conference

This year, we decided to try something new: the InitLive Volunteer Management Software. I must say, this software greatly reduced the workload on the volunteer managers...[InitLive] made the process very much more streamlined than in the past - reduced the amount of labor considerably. So, all in all we had a great experience. InitLive really came through and really assisted in making this conference a tremendous success.”

Wolfram Lunscher

InitLive’s targeted broadcast feature made it easy to communicate a message with exactly the right group of volunteers, this made connecting with my team easy on event day!”

Danielle Boiston
World Economic Forum

The InitLive system was a massive success, due to the simplified ability the system brought to the communication and scheduling processes.”

Boyd Edmondson
Omega Dubai Ladies Classic and Omega Dubai Desert Classic Golf Tournaments

I was very satisfied with the communication features on event day. It was critical to be able to reach my volunteers; we used the broadcast feature in the app to do this. Additionally, I was able to adapt the Reports feature to not only help fill spots when we were short volunteers but also to track equipment we were using onsite. This [InitLive] helped us dot i’s and cross t’s in the conference Headquarters.”
Bridget Erlikh

Institute of Electrical and
Electronics Engineers (IEEE)

InitLive helps us manage our growing volunteer base at multiple festivals each year; it's great to have all of our volunteer information and schedules in one central location.”

Michael O’Farrell

Festibière de Gatineau

Using InitLive provided a smooth experience on event day, especially by automatically notifying our volunteers of any last-minute changes to their schedules.

Lauren Tedeschi

Tufts Medical Centre

Our email system wasn’t working and the wifi was unreliable but InitLive never failed!

Tammy Huber, CMP

American Hematology Society

Using InitLive was definitely an improvement from how we organized the team in previous years. It was so easy knowing that all of our important event information was stored in a common location."

Andrea Croak
MAB Community Services