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Customer Success Story

Loud And Live 

Using InitLive, Loud and Live event producers are able to manage a single volunteer database across five events efficiently. 

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Loud and Live event productions
Wodapalooza Fitness Festival

The Event

Marketing, Entertainment, Media & Live Events Company, Loud and Live performs at the intersection of music, sports, lifestyle, and content development. Headquartered in Miami, FL, our success is driven by our passion for creating engaging and technology embedded experiences for global audiences

Wodapalooza Fitness Festival

Wodapalooza descends on Miami’s Bayfront Park for 4-days each January and brings together thousands of athletes, spectators, and fitness fanatics to celebrate fitness, community, and life. There are three parts to WZA Miami, the fitness competition (the foundation of WZA Miami), the Weightlifting Faceoff (1-day Olympic Lifting competition), and the spectator experience.




Days Long

The Challenge

Loud and Live's Wodadpoloza has been growing rapidly year over year, making volunteer management a larger task and a key factor in the success of the event. Before InitLive, Stacey Konstantinov, Manager of Community Relations, had used multiple platforms and an in house built solution to try a manage volunteer registration and scheduling. “After trying many solutions, I started picking up that this would be much more feasible if everything lives inside of some type of platform versus just me running everything through spreadsheets upon spreadsheets.” Commented Stacey.  “We have an age requirement for our volunteers, which requires a checkpoint in registrations, and then we have different skill requirements for various jobs. Going back into a spreadsheet, to check everyone's birthday and how old they are; that just takes a lot of time.” added Stacey. Reading through up to 800 applications to place volunteers into groups was taking to much time.

The Solution

 Loud and Live has chosen InitLive as their event volunteer scheduling & communication tool to reduce administration time and keep organizers & volunteers informed and connected across 5 of their events. 

Wodapalooza Fitness Festival  Volunteers

300% Increase In Volunteers 

"We have grown from managing 200 to 800 volunteers, InitLive makes everything more efficient. I don't have to read through 800 or 1,000 volunteer applications, I can simply filter by requirement on InitLive. It saves a lot of time.  "


Loud and Live Volunteers

 From 1 to 5 Events Using InitLive

 "Our goal is to bring our volunteer database together across all five events and track activity through InitLive. One system to manage all our volunteers across our events will give us insight into our volunteers, allowing us to serve our volunteers better". 




Finding The Right Solution 

“Having worked with other platforms, InitLive offers the best flexibility to be as simple or complex as I need it to be when managing our volunteers.” 

"The simplicity of the mobile app made a big difference, we trained everyone to click one button to check-in, and everyone seems comfortable with it no matter their age." 




Key Functionalities

  • Branded Registration Page 
     “An event branded registration page on our website was very important to our marketing team in order to stay competitive,” commented Stacey. InitLive offered a solution through a customized and shareable branded registration page.
  • Volunteer Rating 
     The Loud and Live team are able to rate volunteers at the event and ensure those bad eggs aren’t invited to volunteers are the next event."Identifying and managing bad eggs is important because they lead to poor outcomes at the event”commented Stacey.

  • Event-Wide Broadcasting 
    "When a lightning storm hit, we broadcasted a message through InitLive to evacuate the outdoor event to all of our volunteers. It was great. It ended up doing its job perfectly” explained Stacey.

  •  Reuse Event Data 
    With InitLive Loud and Live can simply replicate and reuse their event data year after year. Stacey explained that "Quickly replicating another previous event on InitLive saves me a lot of time. instead of starting from scratch each year."
  • Post Event Reporting 
     "We have volunteers that need to showcase their hours for school and work and we give our big incentives for our volunteers. We pull reports from InitLive to ensure all of our volunteers get what they need, without it I would be doing a lot of counting” added Stacey.
  • Volunteer Qualifications 
    Loud and Live has multiple volunteer teams at their Wodapalooza event with various qualification requirements. Stacey mentioned that, "With InitLive we are able to filter volunteers based on requirements and quickly place them into teams.
  • Event Day Management 
    Loud and Live’s event managers were able to use InitLive’s mobile app to manage any last-minute scheduling issues and no shows that came up during their event."Since all the shift supervisors had InitLive’s app they were able to communicate with me to manage any issues that came up” added Stacey.

  • Empower Volunteers 
    Through InitLive's event day app volunteers were able to see when their next shift started and who their team supervisor was if they had any questions, empowering volunteers during the even
“Having worked with other platforms, InitLive offers the best flexibility to be as simple or complex as I need it to be when managing our volunteers.”
Sheri Stacy Konstantinov, Manager of Community Relations, Loud and Live

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