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Customer Success Story


Using InitLive, The Wanderlust team were able to efficiently manage a single volunteer database across 25 events. 

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wander lust
Wanderlust Yoga Events


For 10 years, Wanderlust has gathered teachers, experts, musicians, and creators at stunning resorts for transformational experiences—each unique unto itself. Over the last decade, yogis have grown their practice, connected with community, and made life-altering discoveries. To celebrate our tenth year, we’re making our festivals accessible to all.

Wanderlust Events 

Wanderlust Festivals are multi-day yoga, music + outdoor celebrations held in awe-inspiring locations around the world. Wanderlust 108, a one-day mindful triathlon, combines a 5k run/walk, yoga and meditation in your favorite city park.Wanderlust offers a wide range of event spanning one to four days across North America.




Hours Worked

The Challenge

Wanderlust offered 25 events ranging from one day to four days.” Our large four-day events have over a hundred shifts to fill, and our volunteers are required to work a minimum number of hours” Katie Katie Kresl, Volunteer Manager
commented. This wide range of events and tracking requires a lot of management. “Before InitLive, we were using Shiftboard, it had a hard to interface to understand, both on my side and on the volunteer side,” Katie explained. The Wanderlust team was sending manual emails to their volunteers. “ The schedule was managed through Shiftboard, but there were a lot of manual changes that took place just to combat the miscommunications that were happening, all of which took a lot of time”said Katie Wanderlust volunteers weren't able to sign up for multiple events, causing additional time and frustration. The Wanderlust team needed a solution that could manage multiple event's recruitment, scheduling, and communications requirements

The Solution

Wanderlust has chosen InitLive as their  volunteer scheduling & communication tool to reduce administration time and keep organizers & volunteers informed and connected across 25 of their events.. 

Wanderlust Volunteer Management

Easy Volunteer Schedule Management

"InitLive helped me stay organized. It allowed me to see where I had gaps in my schedule and helped me group shifts together for check-in times. It allowed my volunteer coordinators to come in, review the schedule, and easily see what they need to manage, which was nice."


Wanderlust  Festival

Managing A Single Volunteer Database Across Multiple Events  

"InitLive definitely help us scale up our volunteer program. Now Volunteers can sign up for multiple events and they're still in the system, making it even easier for them to sign up for events this upcoming year."



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Finding The Right Solution Rated 4.5 out of 5 by Volunteers

“I had our volunteers rate their experience using Initlive on a scale of 1 to 5, and the average response was a 4.5 out of 5.  People really enjoyed how simple the process and I think the communication tool in the mobile app allowed them to feel more empowered when working.”  





Key Functionalities

  •  Self Sign-Up 
    “Volunteers were able to look at the schedule themselves and select shifts based on their interests, giving them the flexibility to try new things.” Stated Katie
  •  Color-Coded Scheduling
     Katie added, “I love color coordination and being able to see my schedules in a calendar format. It really helped to have a visual that we're covered for registration from 6:00 AM to 9:30 PM, which was fabulous.

  • Schedule Duplication
    "Making schedules every single time was so time-consuming before and then with InitLive, I was able to duplicate them it just really made the process much simpler and allowed me to focus on other things” added Katie

  •   Time Tracking 
    Katie explained that volunteers are required to work a certain number of hours.” With InitLive volunteers knew they were being held accountable, so almost always ended up completing all their hours.” 
  •  Mobile Communication 
    “When something last minute came up, volunteers could easily communicate that with me through either InitLive message or my cell phone number through the app, which was very helpful,” Katie explained.
  •  Mobile Access To Documents 
    Katie said, “I sent out documents and our site map before the events, volunteers could pull up the map on their phone using the app and help direct attendees right way.” 
  • Onsite Management 
    “When we were short staff at one venue, I was able to message volunteers to come to help out for a few minutes and then have them return to the regular shift. It was really nice to have that easy communication option,” Commented Katie.

  • Empower Volunteers 
    Katie explained " Volunteers really enjoyed how simple the process was compared to years prior because they could easily communicate with our team during the events." 
“InitLive's mobile app made it really easy to communicate with volunteers and know who is who; it allowed volunteer coordinators to do the same thing as well.”
SheriKatie Kresl , Volunteer Manager, Wanderlust

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