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Free 'event-day' app for
Android & iPhone

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Free 'event-day' app for
Android & iPhone

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Do it all from your phone

Quickly relaying important information to the right group of people shouldn’t be difficult. InitLive streamlines event team communication by providing managers with real-time data, on-the-fly scheduling features and patented communication technology. 

More Communication Features


Continue working offline

If you don't have internet or data on site, or if your event has very spotty coverage you will still be able to access your data on the mobile app.


Your volunteers don't require the app

Whether your volunteers are not comfortable with technology, or simply don’t have a smartphone, the mobile app is still functional for managers & supervisors. If users do not have the app downloaded, all communications will send as an automatic SMS text message, at no extra cost!


Don't worry about data

Staff/volunteers aren’t required to download the app, however, if they do, InitLive uses very minimal amount of data on smartphones.


Fail-Proof Messaging

Make sure your staff receive the message. InitLive is smart enough to know when an in-app message is not received and will send backup messaging via SMS or email.

Manage no-shows

Always know who is missing or late for a shift and what area of the schedule is affected. Use InitLive to quickly find replacements and fill empty shifts.

Target your messages

Send push notifications to the right group of people. Staff without the app will receive the alert as an automatic SMS Text Message at no extra cost.
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Flexible check-in

Allow users to check themselves in, assign someone as a Check-in Administrator™ (access to special app functionality), or only let Managers and Supervisors Check-in staff.

Upload event documents

Make any file type available to your team including site maps, training videos, emergency plans, etc.

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Notes & Star ratings

Track staff performance to help you schedule for the next event.

Master Schedule

View all the shifts and the people scheduled within them.

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Staff profiles

Quickly access contact information, personal schedule and the profile details of every person in your event.

The staff experience

Staff can download the free smartphone app, which takes up minimal data/space. Staff have access to their personal schedule (including shift details & role descriptions), shift reminders, and a direct line of communication to their supervisor(s) and managers (permission based).

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