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InitLive | Spectacular Event Staff Management Software

Execute a spectacular event through a centralized event staff and volunteer management solution. 

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Setting Your Event Up For Success

Every Great Event Starts With An Exceptional Team

Build a reliable network of skilled, & committed  event staff and volunteers.

Build an outstanding team of skilled, loyal &
committed staff and volunteers.


Provide a spectacular attendee experience every time through a flawlessly planned and executed event.

Optimize your event to scale year over year.

Optimize and evolve your event to scale year-over-year.

A premier staff management platform designed exclusively for events.


Watch our product overview video to learn how your organization could benefit from streamlined event staff and volunteer management process to take your event to the next level!


Here's an example of InitLive's event managers dashboard within our event staff management software.

Grow Your Event Operations


Streamline your event staff management operations and increase your capacity to scale up your event operations through InitLive. Reduce your administrative time and increase your ability to manage a growing team of event staff through an all-in-one event staff management software.


-  Improve visibility and manage multiple events through a single end-to-end solution.

-  Gain a real-time view across all events, venues, and schedules.

-  Build your event in multiple languages from our selection of six languages and offer your staff a better experience in their preferred language.


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Build a team of committed staff and volunteers with InitLive's event staff management software.

Recruit Event Staff More Efficiently 


Build an outstanding team of event staff and volunteers with InitLive. Recruit an exceptional team through a customizable online registration form and roster your team based on skills, qualifications, and availability in half the time.


-Publicly promote available shifts & opportunities on your website.

- Simplify your staff and volunteers' online sign-up process with customizable logic-based questions. 

- Save time and empower staff to sign up for shifts that work best for them.


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InitLive's event staff scheduler will help keep event data organized.

Keep Event Staff Data Organized


Manage your event staff data your way with the most flexible and user-friendly event staff management software on the market. Whether you receive form responses from staff or upload the data via.CSV, you can view & use that data however you like.


- Easily import event staff data for a streamlined account set up.

- Capture customized event staff data points including documents and pictures. 

-  Filter your event staff data any way you see fit and execute bulk actions for efficient data management. 


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An Award-Winning Solution

Schedule and Communicate Anytime


Set-up your schedule and make changes fast with InitLive’s event staff scheduling software using the web or mobile app and make sure your event is always appropriately staffed. Easily communicate with all staff or individually through the mobile app, SMS, or email.


-  Easily create your staff schedule your way, with multiple calendar and list views, filters, and bulk actions.

Rostermode™ offers "best shift matching" based on qualifications, roles, availability, and shift conflicts ensuring you find the right staff for the right shifts.

- Manage your schedule from anywhere and handle last-minute changes in seconds with the InitLive's Mobile App while keeping your team in the loop.

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Our event staff management software comes equipped with a staff and volunteer mobile app

Provide A Better Attendee Experience Through Better Event Management


Event staff and volunteers are the face and culture of your event. Build, roster, and communicate your staff schedule through a centralized solution to ensure no shift goes unfilled.


  - Equip your team with access to training documents, emergency plans, and maps from their phones and ensure they have everything they need to succeed.

  - Staff are kept always kept up to date with easy access to their personal schedule, notifications, and shift reminders through the app. 

  - Empower event staff and volunteers to communicate with supervisors directly through the app to report and resolve issues quickly.


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Our event staff scheduler app makes managing shifts incredibly easy.

Manage In Real-Time With The Event Day App


Support and manage your team from anywhere. No matter where you are, the InitLive event day app keeps managers and staff connected, informed & empowered to act quickly. 


  - Keep track of your event day operations using the mobile app’s user-friendly management dashboard.

  - Quickly check-in staff and volunteers as they arrive for their shifts right from the app.

  - Broadcast messages to all your staff with file attachments or communicate with individuals to support them in their work from the app. 

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 What do our users have to say about our event staff management software?


“It’s easy to use, keeps the entire team organized, and reduces issues and stress during our events." 

Bill Robinson,
Alberta Beer Festivals

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"InitLive makes organizing our volunteers seamless. I heard wonderful feedback from our volunteers about how seamless the app was for helping them know exactly where to be & when. THANK YOU for making our lives easier so that we can make our events top notch!”

Andrea Croak
Massachusetts Association for
the Blind & Visually Impaired

"InitLive helps us maintain a high-quality volunteer database. We can connect the right volunteers to the right opportunities and ensure that our partner events are supported with qualified staff."

Traci Despatis
Ottawa Tourism

"A simple thing that takes me five minutes today with InitLive took a couple of hours before. It makes me feel good to know that when a team member comes to me and goes, 'Can we get more volunteers for this or change that?' Literally, it takes me a minute."

Sheri Piecuch Vyfvinkel
Academy of Country Music Awards

"It's worth the investment in your volunteers. InitLive is worth every dollar to be able to streamline and better manage, communicate, organize your volunteers. It allows you and your volunteers to focus on what is really important."

Jaci Feinstein
Social Media Examiner

With the InitLive app, we can take care of a volunteer's issue in under five minutes, saving 45 minutes and frustration. Reducing a day of frustration and keeping our volunteers happy is essential. InitLive takes the frustration out and being organized and being able to access things all in one spot during the event"

Matt Shclake
Indy Premier Soccer Club

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