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Event Volunteer Management Software 

Set your next event up for success! Fill out our form to view the demo videos on InitLive's solution to help you recruit, engage, and empower your volunteers to deliver exceptional event experiences.

InitLive's All-in-one Event Volunteer Management Software

What Our Customers Say

"Previously, I hadn't been using a volunteer management software, and I found the volunteer side of events daunting, but colleague of mine told me about InitLive earlier this year and i decided to try it. I've honestly never felt so organized and in control. I knew I could communicate with any of my volunteers at the touch of a button."

"I tried InitLive after using some other software products in previous years. The back end had almost everything I wanted. Missing a little bit of customization, but it was easy to get around that. The app, however, was amazing. We've got some younger volunteers who were incredibly engaged. I found that more of them showed up and that I didn't have took searching for information. This changed the way we operated during the festival!"

"Initlive is great because it provides you with one place to store all your volunteer information. Previously I had just been using my email and it was hard organize volunteer information efficiently with so many other emails coming in and out. Now I can go into InitLive and see all the volunteers names in a nice list, gather their T-Shirt size requirements, their contact information, and anything else that I need-- without having to search my inbox."

A Solution With Endless Flexibility


Recruit A Committed Team

Simply the signup process with a customized web-based sign-up page and registration form. Collect the information you need from individuals and groups right way with custom questions and qualifications.

Streamline Scheduling

“Smart Scheduling” allows you to schedule people based on their unique skills and availability, ensuring you match the right people to the right roles. Save time by giving volunteers ownership over their shift selection through easy self-sign-up.

Keep Your Team Connected

Stay connected to your team or individuals through the Initlive Mobile App. Empower your team with two communications, shift reminders and shift information, reducing confusion and no shows.

Analysis and Optimize

Optimize your event or program through multiple venue management, streamlined administration, and robust reporting to improve year over year.

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