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InitLive for Festival Events

Cast A Star Team Of Volunteers And Event Staff

A Solution for Every Festival Event 

Whether you are planning a music festival or a beer festival we have a solution to meet your specific needs. We provide solutions for festival events of all shapes and sizes:

Type: Music, Film, Food/Drink, Fair, Parade, Religious, etc
Location: Outdoors, Indoors, Multi-Venue
Duration: single or multi-day

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harvest jazz and blues festival
Festival - Volunteer- and-staff- management

Plan a Successful Festival Event

No matter the festival event, planning and managing an event comes with the same challenges and objectives a star team of volunteers and event staff can help you achieve:

An exceptional quality attendee experience
A high standard of event safety and security
An excellent reputation to increase attendees year over year

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 Learn how Academy of Country Music Awards improved staff communications pre, during & post-event by 100%!


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Cast a Star Team

Streamline the sign-up process with customizable and branded web-based registration portal and give volunteers ownership over their shift selection with self-sign-up.


Perfect Your Lineup

“Smart Scheduling” allows you to schedule people based on their unique skills and availability, ensuring you match the right people to the right roles.


Stay Connected

Maintain full control with InitLive's event day app, communicate with your team, update your schedule on the fly and see everything in real-time.


Advance On The Charts

Optimize your event through multiple venue management, streamlined administration, and robust reporting to scale year over year.

Stand out with InitLive

InitLive can help you host an extraordinary festival event through a quality volunteer and event staff management solution that will enable your festival event to:

Provide a safe and quality attendee experience through a flawlessly planned and executed event.
Build a reliable network of skilled, loyal & committed volunteers.
Optimize your event to scale year over year.

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What Customers are Saying 

 Volunteers Make It Work
"The Jazz festival is huge, we usually get around 300,000 people over the course of 10 days. To make it all work we have a crack team of over 600 volunteers, it takes a lot of people to make it work”

Julian Selody
TD Ottawa Jazz Festival



 Connect Your Team

It’s easy to use, keeps the entire team organized, and reduces issues and stress during the events."

Bill Robinson
 Alberta Beer Festivals

 Achieve More With Less
“Using InitLive, our staffing costs have gone down. The work takes less time and can be done remotely.

 Michael O’Farrell
 Cinqdixquinze Festivals

 Learn how to take your event to the next level!

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Improving Event Staff Communications by-100% at -the -Academy -of -Country -Music -Awards

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