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Start recruiting, retaining, and evolving more volunteers into long-term supporters with InitLive. Fill out the below form to learn how your organization can benefit from InitLive's leading solution.  

InitLive's Volunteer Management Software for events and programs

All-In-One Volunteer Management 

 No matter how simple or complex your needs are InitLive's centralized volunteer management software has everything you need to manage all your volunteer programs and events simultaneously.

Grow Your Volunteer Team

Attract and retain up to 30% more volunteers- create and deliver inspiring volunteer programs that not only empower people with easy and flexible ways to contribute to your mission, but also recognize their efforts with meaningful and timely communications

Efficient Volunteer Scheduling

Easily create your volunteer schedule your way, with multiple calendars and list views, filters, and bulk actions.InitLive's Rostermode™ offers "best shift matching" based on qualifications, roles, availability, tags and empower volunteers to sign up directly for shifts they are qualified to work.

Manage & Engage In Real-Time

Fostering meaningful volunteer experiences and engagements by keeping your volunteer team informed and motivated every step of the way with InitLive’s patented two-way guaranteed communications tools. InitLive is the only solution to provide three-way guaranteed communication protocols across email, SMS, and in-app chat messages.

Optimize Your Volunteer Process

Streamline your volunteer management operations and manage multiple events or programs through a single end-to-end solution to optimize and evolve your to scale year-over-year. Leverage key volunteer demographic data in your donor programs to create inspiring conversion campaigns.


What our customers say

"Working with InitLive has been a great experience, the customer service is unparalleled and the software meets our requirements extremely well. I can highly recommend InitLive to anyone looked for a reliable scheduling software capable of large-scale self-scheduling (I've used it to create a schedule for up to 3000 people) where the schedule does not require significant alterations post-import."

"Previously, I hadn't been using a volunteer management software, and I found the volunteer side of events daunting, but colleague of mine told me about InitLive earlier this year and I decided to try it. I've honestly never felt so organized and in control. I knew I could communicate with any of my volunteers at the touch of a button."

"I can't say enough about this app. It really made scheduling volunteers for our conference much easier. There are a ton of videos on how to use it, and customer support cannot be beaten. They are truly proactive in meeting your needs. They will sit down and explain the system to you and help with anything you need. The app is great, but the customer service is world-class."