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Lending A Hand Program 

Create even more positive impact by sharing your valuable perspective and experience using InitLive with other organizations.



How The Program Works 

Your perspective is important to us and all those considering InitLive as a partner. Through your support, you can not only help other organizations make informed decisions but you can help InitLive grow our mission to enable nonprofits with our world-class volunteer management software.
To show our appreciation, you can receive discounts as you connect with others and help us spread the word about InitLive.
The lending a hand program is simple, your organization can receive a future credit every time you share your experience through any or all of the below options.


These Options Are Great If You Have 15 Minutes

Review/ Testimonial

Receive 5% Off 

Share your valuable experience with other organizations that are in the process of investing in a volunteer management solution for their organization. When take ten minutes to leave a review using your work email on any of InitLive’s online listings or offer a testimonial on a feature set for our website you will receive 5% off your next contract.

Leave A Review 

Refer A Contact

Both Parties Can Receive 10% Off

Do you know any organization that could benefit from InitLive’s solution? Send us the contact information (First/Last name, Organization name, email address, telephone number) and we’ll do the rest! If they sign up as a customer they will receive 10% off their contract and your organization will receive 10%  off your next contract.”

Refer A Contact  

These Options Are Perfect If You Have 1 Hour 

Case Study 

Receive 1 Month Off

Share your story with future InitLive customers in an effort to demonstrate how InitLive can benefit their operation. The case study process is a simple 30 minute guided chat that is recorded, transcribed, and created into a pdf and web page. Once the case study is complete it is sent back to you for approval.  When you share your story through a case study you will receive a month off your next contract.

Get Started 

Become A Reference

Receive 1 Month Off

Share your experience directly with up to 5  potential InitLive customers on a one-on-one basis and offer your valuable insight and perspective to help them make a great decision. When you join InitLive's reference program you directly help organizations find the right solution for their needs and you will receive one month off your next contract.

Sign Up

Frequency Asked Questions 

Can I apply credits to other services?

Yes, you can apply the same monetary credit to any of InitLive's professional services. 

Can I participate in multiple options?

Yes, you are welcome to participate in any or all of the Lending a Hand Program's options. There is an incentive cap of a total of 35% off or at the total monetary value of $1000. 

Can I participate in the program later?

Yes! InitLive customers are welcome to participate in any of the program's options whenever you have time. 


Have Any Questions?

Our team is always here to help! Simply click the below button to get in touch with our team. 
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What our customers say

“IniLives flexibility in creating volunteer shifts and curating schedules is incredible. Volunteers really appreciated the ability to self-sign up and the flexibility to fit their volunteering around their busy life, work, and family schedules.”

"InitLive has made my life 100 times better compared to our previous volunteer management system”

"Having worked with other platforms, InitLive offers the best flexibility to be as simple or complex as I need it to be when managing our volunteers.”