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InitLive for Nonprofits

A Complete Volunteer Management Solution For Ongoing Programming

Volunteer Management Solution For Nonprofits

Create An Inspired Volunteer Program 

Creating an extraordinary volunteer program plan that maximizes your impact while encouraging your volunteers has never been easier with InitLive's all-in-one volunteer management solution. 


-  Simplify volunteer recruitment and  screening 
- Easily schedule the right volunteers for the right roles 
-  Increase volunteer retainment and communications 


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Empower Volunteers with Volunteer management software

Empower Your Exceptional Team of Volunteers 

Plan and manage all your nonprofit's volunteer programs in one place through a single point of truth and equip your volunteers with the tools, information, and resources they need to succeed.


- Empower volunteers to select the shifts and roles they prefer
- Equip volunteers with two-way communications through InitLive's mobile app
- Supply volunteers with the power to check themselves in and out of shifts

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Volunteer Management Solution

Manage All Your Programs and Events Through One Solution  


Save time and resources by managing all your volunteers across your ongoing programming and one time events through a single all-in- one solution. 


- Manage a single database of volunteers across all your nonprofits initiatives 
- Create a universal volunteer management process and reduce administration 
- Equip all volunteers with the same tools and resources no matter the program, initiative or event


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Recruitment & Application Management 

Recruit a fantastic team of committed volunteers through a customized application process and find the perfect role for them to thrive in and make a positive impact.

Fast & Easy Volunteer Scheduling

No matter how simple or complex your volunteer schedule is, InitLive makes building it easy.  From multiple calendar views to color-coded shifts and best match technology, no shift will go unfilled. 


Mobile Volunteer Management & Communications

Provide your volunteers with all the information they need to succeed through a convenient mobile app. Automatically send shift updates and easily communicate with them from anywhere. 


Optimize Your Program to Inspire and Retain Volunteers

Track your program's performance to continually refine and improve your plan to offer your volunteers a better experience year over year. 


What Customers are Saying 

High Quality 
"InitLive helps us maintain a high-quality volunteer database. We can connect the right volunteers to the right opportunities and ensure that our partner events are supported with qualified staff.”

Traci Despatis
Ottawa Tourism



 Exceed Expectations

Using InitLive was definitely an improvement from how we organized the team in previous years. It was so easy knowing that all of our important event information was stored in a common location."

 Andrea Croak
 Massachusetts Association for the Blind & Visually Impaired

   Smooth Execution
“Using InitLive provided a smooth experience on event day, especially by automatically notifying our volunteers of any last-minute changes to their schedules

 Lauren Tedeschi
 Tufts Medical Centre