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Mar 1, 2023 11:02:56 AM by InitLive

InitLive Joins Bloomerang


InitLive Joins Bloomerang to Help Nonprofits Strengthen their Volunteer Management Programs

InitLive started with a straightforward vision, to help recruit, organize and connect staff and volunteers who we believe are the foundation of every great event, initiative and nonprofit program. This vision was inspired by our time working as volunteers with local organizations and nonprofits. We saw how challenging it was for staff to manage volunteer programs, and through our hands-on experience, we believed we could create a better solution. A solution that would empower volunteers and help nonprofit staff more effectively manage volunteer programs and scheduling, replacing spreadsheets and emails. We are proud to have created an experience-led and purpose-driven solution that not only streamlines the volunteer management process, but also supports more good worldwide.


Today, we’re excited to share the news that InitLive has joined Bloomerang so we can continue to expand our work and help more nonprofits deliver their mission. Bloomerang is a leading donor management platform for more than 15,000 small and mid-sized nonprofits, and together we can build a world inspired by giving. 


The InitLive journey has had twists and turns over the past ten years, but our clients and partners have stood by our side and spurred us on to continue improving the product with features to help them deliver their missions. In 2020, as events disappeared due to COVID, we intentionally refocused the company on essential nonprofit volunteer programs, which became overburdened during the pandemic as demands on their services grew. Changing focus to the nonprofit community also changed the way we thought about the company, our culture, and what we could accomplish. This opportunity ended up being much larger than we ever thought possible and it aligned well with our vision. Our passion for nonprofits is what ultimately brought us together with Bloomerang. 


As one company working together, we can more effectively address two essential pillars nonprofits need to deliver their missions–strong relationships with donors and volunteers. Our focus on the nonprofit community and events will not only continue, but also be energized to grow rapidly. We’re eager to bring together what customers love from both companies: easy-to-use systems that help them save time and focus on people, not paperwork. 


We are beyond excited for what the future holds for InitLive, our employees, and you, our customers. Now, we have access to more resources, staff and opportunities to help organizations strengthen their volunteer efforts. We get to expand our work and make a greater impact on the world by providing the best technology, tools, and resources that help nonprofits to spend more energy on what matters most–furthering their missions.


Thank you to the many customers who have been with us on the journey. There’s so much more to come and we can’t wait to tell you about how we will keep growing together. You can check out the official press release here.


-Melissa, Debbie, Chris & the entire InitLive Team


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