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Jul 17, 2019 10:15:37 AM by InitLive

InitLive Joins SportsEngine Marketplace to Provide Volunteer Management Solutions

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(09/07/2019) InitLive joined the SportsEngine Marketplace to offer a comprehensive volunteer and staff management tool for sports tournament managers. A strong volunteer team may be the difference between a successful tournament or a failure - making InitLive the ideal complementary tool to SportsEngine’s tournament solutions. Using InitLive, event organizers can more easily recruit, schedule and communicate with their volunteers. Event organizers who have switched from using spreadsheets, text messaging and email to using InitLive have reported that their efficiency in volunteer management and communications improved by 100%.

InitLive is an industry leader providing volunteer management tools for large and small events, including conferences and festivals. Organizers running large, multi-day tournaments face many of the same challenges as other event planners.

"Many tournament organizers tell us about their struggle to efficiently track volunteers, see where they’re short-staffed, and continually communicate with staff. Since staff and volunteers are often the face of the tournament, creating a solid 2-way connection between organizers and staff is crucial for establishing a quality tournament experience for all," said Chris Courneya, CEO of InitLive. "InitLive solves these challenges before, during and after the event."

Event managers who use InitLive report experiencing a 50% reduction in administrative work and an 80% volunteer retention rate due to improved communication and easier scheduling.

"InitLive has transformed the way we manage staff for our 150 baseball tournaments," said Brent Miller, Vice President – National Director – Pastime Tournaments. "We now save hours of manual work as we schedule and communicate with staff using InitLive. It adds a new level of organization and preparedness for our tournament directors."

These tools may be a game-changer for event planners using the SportsEngine Marketplace.

"We are thrilled to welcome InitLive as a SportsEngine Marketplace Partner,” stated Jody Vogelaar, Vice President, Marketing, SportsEngine. “InitLive is a great fit with SportsEngine’s tournament solutions and will provide our customers who host larger, more complex tournaments with the tools they need to improve efficiency and communications in the dynamic world of tournament management." 

About InitLive, Inc.

InitLive is an event technology company based in Ottawa, Canada. Founded in late 2013 by Ottawa-natives and mother-daughter team Debbie and Melissa Pinard, InitLive is the only company that equips event producers, event staff and volunteers with both a comprehensive scheduling service and a real-time communication system. InitLive simplifies staff onboarding, organizes staff to show up in the right place at the right time to deliver a quality attendee experience every time, provides improved visibility on event day, and helps organizers grow their events year over year. 

To learn more, visit https://www.initlive.comfacebook.com/InitLive, or https://twitter.com/initlive.

About SportsEngine, Inc. 

Helping the world play smarter and live more, SportsEngine, Inc., an NBC Sports Group company, is the leading provider of sport relationship management software serving millions of coaches, parents, athletes, clubs, leagues, governing bodies, and associations. SportsEngine helps sports organizations around the globe reduce the time they spend on administrative tasks, and enables them to focus more on developing their athletes, providing safe experiences, and furthering the love of sport. 

Learn more at: www.sportsengine.com, facebook.com/sportsengine; or twitter.com/@sportsengine.

Download the official press release PDF here. 


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