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Seamless donor and membership management

Consolidate donor and member data into a central platform to seamlessly boost engagement and foster strategic growth. Effectively attract, retain, and engage members, convert them to donors, and streamline operations through a unified, comprehensive solution.

Membership Management from Bloomerang

Managing members has never been easier.

Attract new members with customizable, embedded sign-up forms and boost retention with automatic renewals. Leverage member insights to create personalized, targeted communication strategies that meaningfully engage members and convert them into donors. Streamline operations and expand your reach—all in one place.

Membership Management forms from Bloomerang

Streamline Membership Management

Automate essential yet tedious membership management tasks like renewals, status updates, and personalized communication workflows. This automation guarantees no member is overlooked, elevating the membership experience and freeing up valuable time so your team can focus on more strategic initiatives.

Membership Group details from Bloomerang

Easily grow your membership

Streamline onboarding and make joining easy with customizable, embeddable sign-up forms. Built-in communication tools allow you to create personalized interactions and targeted outreach strategies, empowering your organization to provide a top-notch member experience that nurtures connections and keeps supporters engaged.

Membership Timeline from Bloomerang

Cultivate a strong and sustainable supporter base

Unlock the potential of your membership base and pave the way for long-term sustainability and growth. Harness the power of Predictive Giving Insights to discover your members’ untapped potential and identify those who are ready to deepen their support and become dedicated donors.


Designed for membership-based organizations

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Online membership forms

Create customizable, user-friendly forms that can be embedded on any page of your website. Simplify the joining process for new members, allowing them to choose their preferred membership level and opt into automatic annual renewals.

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Comprehensive constituent profile

Combine your member, donor, and volunteer data into one profile, creating a holistic view of your supporters that enables you to engage them in a more personalized and effective way.

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Predictive Giving Insights

Determine your supporters’ Engagement level using membership activities, allowing you to identify your most passionate supporters (even if they aren’t big donors!) Leverage Generosity scores to gain valuable insights into a member’s financial capacity as a monetary donor.

Multiple membership programs and levels

Create multiple membership programs and levels with nondeductible and benefits tracking. This flexibility allows you to cater to a diverse member base and provide options that meet various interests and capacities.

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Built-in communication tools

Use built-in letters and emails to easily connect with members using welcome streams, event invitations, renewal reminders, and newsletters. Schedule emails based on renewal dates or other triggers to ensure timely communication.

Dynamic Groups

Automatically sort members into Groups according to their membership level, enabling you to efficiently personalize interactions and communications to develop strong relationships with a large number of members at once.

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Smart reporting

Create reports in seconds using our filter-based system that makes it easy to learn more about your members. Get insights delivered right to your inbox by scheduling one-off, daily, weekly, or monthly reports.

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Spread joy through a better fundraising experience.

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