What's New?

Check out the latest & greatest feature releases from InitLive.

What's New?

Check out the latest & greatest feature releases from InitLive.

2017 InitLive Summer UpdatesExperience improvements that help event managers and staff increase productivity. 



Post Event Messaging

You can now thank your staff after the event is over! Send email messages post-event to your staff using the "Send Message" Action on the Staff List.



Organization Level Database

Keep a record of all staff recruited for your event at the Organization Level. If a Staff has been recruited or removed from your event, their information will still be stored under “My Organizations”.




New Check-In Dashboard
Check-In Administrators have a brand new dashboard! Check-In Administrators can easily check in-and-out staff from the new Staff List Tile.


Contact Tile Makeover
Staff have a new, more intuitive contact tile. Depending on the Manager’s permissions, Staff can quickly message their Event Manager, Supervisor, and upcoming Shift Supervisors. 

Other General Improvements

  • Shift Titles and Role Descriptions are now visible to Staff and Managers throughout the web & mobile apps
  • Quickly unschedule Staff from their Profile Popup on the Web
  • We’ve added ‘Copy Event’ to our Professional Services
  • Helper question marks available throughout the web to help users with onboarding
  • General Messaging Improvements for Event Managers and Staff when Shifts are updated, edited, etc during a Live Event
  • Enhanced security for InitLive Services
  • General stability improvements on the web
  • Optimized Filtering on the web & mobile apps
  • General speed improvements made to the ‘Copy from Previous Events’ features

InitLive-2016-features-1.pngThe holidays are right around the corner. What better time to reflect on all of the excitement we’ve had at InitLive this past year?

It’s been another big year of updates, new features, and improvements thanks to all of the wonderful event profs using InitLive and sharing their input and ideas with us. We can’t thank you enough!

Waiver Management


In April we added the option to include a custom waiver to your event! Waiver management helps ensure that all staff and volunteers have accepted your terms before they are able to access your event.

Smart Filters
August saw the addition of smart filtering on your Staff List from the InitLive web platform. Take it a step further by using the “Take Action” button to export a report, send a message, and more.

Internal Notes & Star Ratings


Beginning in September, Event Managers, Shift Supervisors, and Check-in Administrators were able to track staff and volunteer performance using Internal Notes and Star Ratings.

Copy & Move Shifts
The biggest, best, and most exciting feature was released this month! In early December we announced that Event Managers can now save even more time by taking bulk actions from the Schedule tab, including copying shifts across multiple event days.

Other Key Improvements:
InitLive is constantly working to make managing your event staff and volunteers a breeze. Other highlights from the year include:

  • En Francais! We’ve localized InitLive and now offer both the web and mobile app entirely in French.

  • Event Documents - Upload important files to your InitLive event to give the whole team easy access on the go!

  • Send an In-App Message to communicate with staff and volunteers one-to-one.

  • The Organization Staff List lets you keep a comprehensive database of all of the volunteers in your Organization.

  • Shift Supervisors gained access to more in-app features with the new Shift Supervisor Dashboard!


What will the new year bring?

We aren’t slowing down in 2017. We have big plans for the new year and will continue to update you with improvements and additions to the InitLive system. Thank you for making 2016 so wonderful!

To view a more comprehensive list of InitLive features, check out our features page!

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