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Nov 17, 2020 7:47:59 AM by InitLive

Feature Release - Advanced Volunteer Service Time Tracking & Reporting

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Measuring your volunteers' impact just got a lot easier with InitLive's new  service time feature release. We are so pleased to announce that now volunteers and managers can easily log volunteer/service hours from both the web app and mobile app without any check-ins required. This new feature release focuses on offering every organization the flexibility to track and report service hours their way. 

This new feature release offers organizations the ability to measure their impact by organizations, opportunity, program, or event and use service time data to help secure funding and quantify the value of their volunteers. 

3 Ways To Track Service Time 

This new feature release offers three different ways to track and log volunteer hours or service time, offering your organization total flexibility to choose what works best. Here are the three options: 

  • Shift Check-in - Log hours worked against a shift and collect additional key information on that shift like venue or location

  • General Check-in- Attribute hours worked towards the opportunity.

  • Manual Credit- Assign or log service hours by start and end time, or by hours and minutes.

Self-Submitted Volunteer Hours 

Volunteers can now submit the number of hours they worked without checking in or out of shifts or opportunities. This new feature offers an even faster way to report logged volunteer hours without any added administrative work by allowing volunteers to take responsibility for tracking and submitting all their hours themselves. That's right, no more manual hour entries for administrators! 

Add service hours Volunteers are empowered to submit their past hours of work simply with options to submit for past opportunities, shifts, or just a date. InitLive makes logging hours easy with an intuitive popup interface that only displays submission options that are relevant to each volunteer. Volunteers can do this from the mobile app, making logging hours as convenient as possible. Volunteers can also add notes to their submission to provide more information to administrators on what work they did during that period of time, giving them full flexibility and ownership. 

Once a volunteer submits their own hours, all an administrator has to do is quickly review the submission and approve it. Keeping track of volunteer hours has never been easier with this new feature! 

Administration of Hours

Administrators can now add, edit or delete logged hours on behalf of staff or volunteers. Things come up, and volunteers and staff can forget to log hours or make errors. Add service hours  (1)This new feature allows administrators to log hours and make edits as required, ensuring the most accurate hours tracking possible. 

 Now administrators have the flexibility to help those who can't log hours themselves, or if they choose to, they can input everyone's hours through quick bulk actions. This new feature offers administrators the choice to track hours however they prefer. 

Easy Access To Logged Hours Reporting 

Reviewing logged volunteer hours just got a lot easier with new service time tracking for volunteers and administrators. We understand how important it is to have visibility on how many hours have been worked for any given opportunity, program, or even. That's why we are so excited to share that now, both administrations and volunteers can view service hours without having to export any reports. 

Volunteer Visibility Of Activity Logs 

Volunteers now have full visibility on how many hours they have worked across all shifts, opportunities, and organizations through their InitLive account. This new visibility allows volunteers to ensure all that the time they have worked is properly tracked. Volunteers can even conveniently see and log hours right from the mobile app, offering the best volunteer experience. No more forgotten hours! 

Administrator Visibility Of Activity Logs 

Keeping track of service time has never been easier with the new service time summary for administrators. This new feature offers the ability to filter and view service time in a convenient report summary. Now you can view data by total hours logged by opportunities, organizations, or individual logs, allowing you to view and report on the data that matter the most.  

Managers can view and edit all service time logs from each individual and add notes to logged hours as required. This allows managers the ability to track volunteers and ensure hours are being logged accurately. This new feature also makes it even easier to track an individual's contribution to allow managers to send a personalized thank you message to each of their volunteers. 

Advanced Hours Reporting 

Report on hours your way with InitLive's new advanced hours reporting options. InitLive is so excited to share that administrators can now access hours or service time reporting based on the data fields they need. Administrators can now quickly select the data fields they want to link to the total number of hours worked for multiple opportunities, shift or individuals and break that data down further by the day, week, month and year. 

This new advanced reporting offers organizations the ability to win more grants by using real evidence-based reporting to support applications. Administrators can also harness these reports to keep track of their most dedicated volunteers and give them public recognition for their hard work and dedication. No matter how you want to utilize your service time data, InitLive's new advance reporting can help you achieve your goals. 

Now it's your turn to go and check out all these great new service time features! Log in here, or  watch a demo to see how InitLive can help you streamline your volunteer management process.