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Mar 7, 2019 1:11:00 PM by InitLive

Feature Release: Automate Schedule Reminders, Request Shift Confirmations & Curate Sign-Up Opportunities

Volunteer Management, InitLive

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Putting together a thorough event staffing schedule is not only crucial to your event's success, but also a lot of work! This means having ways to ensure that you roster all of your shifts with qualified staff, who you can be confident will show up, is essential. That's why we're excited to announce 3 new feature sets that will help you do just that!

1) Pre-schedule Personal Schedule Reminders
Concerned about staff and volunteers forgetting which shifts they signed up for? Or maybe you're afraid that you'll forget to send them schedule reminders? It's possible - after all, you do have a lot going on. Using InitLive, you can now pre-schedule personal schedule reminder emails to all of your staff or filtered staff lists - keeping staff in the loop, preventing no-shows, and automating an otherwise tedious task.

Within the body of these emails, you can choose to embed a formatted chart-view of the volunteer's personal schedule. Or, if you know that you'll still be making quite a few changes to the schedule, you can simply send out the reminder email with a link to log into the InitLive system to view their current shift schedule.


InitLive allows you to proactively plan out how often you want to remind your staff and at what times leading up to your event. For example, schedule 3 reminders to go out to your staff before the event starts: 1 month before, 2 weeks before, and 1 day before the event.


Running several events? No problem! From the Organization level, you can set up schedule reminders across multiple events too. In just a few clicks, set a multiple reminders across 4 of your warrior dash races.

2) Verify if Your Staff Can Work/Attend a Shift
While there's a tremendous amount of planning that goes into ensuring that every event day is a success, there is also a high level of faith that event managers need to have over everything actually going according to plan - this includes trusting that volunteers will show up. To help develop transparency between event managers and volunteers and their ability to attend, we've created a Shift Confirmation process.

Emails: From one event or across multiple events, send out shift confirmation emails to your staff to request them to confirm or decline their assigned shifts. If a staff member declines a shift, they will be asked for a reason why.


Confirmation Visibility: To stay informed as staff confirm or decline shifts, you can turn on email and/or bell notifications OR you can filter your staff list based on confirmation states (see which staff have confirmed all shifts, declined any shifts, has any pending shifts, or has no confirmation requests sent). You will also be able to review the reasons behind any declined shifts and can pull a report for this.


Automation: Should staff decline a shift, you also have the option for the system to automatically remove the user from that shift, making room for someone else to fill it. This is a great way to automate a repetitive step (so long as reviewing the reason why the user declined the shift isn't important to you).

Manual Override: In the case that staff and volunteers email you or phone you to communicate if they can or cannot attend, you, as the event manager, have the ability to change their confirmation status on their behalf. 

3) Show Sign-Up Opportunities to Staff with Specific Qualifications
For Organizations running many events, you may not want your entire staff list to see, and potentially signup for, all of them  - particularly if any of the events require staff and volunteers with specific qualifications. To avoid showing Event Listings to unqualified staff, we've created what we call Logic Groups!

What is a Logic Group?: A set of criteria based on qualifications that you can customize (using AND / OR functions) to affect your Event Listing's visibility to certain staff. For example, set your First-Aid event listings so that only the staff with First Aid qualifications can see them.


Confirm Which Staff Can See Specific Event Listings: From the Organization level, filter your staff list by 'Event Visibility' to see which staff can or cannot see specific event listings. For example, maybe you want to double check that Kelsey cannot see the Fireworks Event, because you know she has PTSD.

Next Steps:

Ready to give these features a try? Log in here, or watch a demo to see how InitLive will help you implement a seamless recruitment and scheduling experience!

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