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Jan 9, 2018 10:05:00 AM by InitLive

2018 Announcement: Why we’re fired up for another year & you should be too!

Volunteer Management, InitLive, Event Technology

CEO1.pngHave you ever been so excited, you nearly hyperventilated? We hope you have because it’s a pretty great feeling. Allow us to explain why so that you can share some of this joy with us.

The past few months have been full of great updates: including 50+ product updates, 3 new partnerships, disaster relief outreach projects, and 3 new languages, to name a few. There has been tremendous growth in the company - InitLive’s user-base has increased by 157%, the number of events run using InitLive software has increased by 80%, and the product is being used by 26 countries and counting. Why does this have us so excited? Because we’re determined to serve our customers - YOU! - in the best way possible, and with every new update, we’re getting closer.

This leads us to our newest announcement...

The InitLive family is growing! 

We would like to introduce you to Chris Courneya, a talented leader who has tons of experience in streamlining company processes to optimize for growth. Chris has been appointed as our new CEO! With his leadership he intends to implement speedy product development, build key partnerships and so much more - with the end goal of empowering our customers.

When introduced to the team, Chris’ enthusiasm for the company’s current state was indicative that he would be a perfect fit for taking InitLive to the next level. “It did not take long to be impressed with the InitLive product and team,” said Chris. “They have created a valuable software platform and a loyal customer community, and the opportunities to continue adding value for current and future customers are very significant. I am eager to join the team and help plot the course to even greater growth and success for all involved.”

What’s Debbie up to now? We’re glad you asked! She will be taking the lead on Strategy for the company. Commenting on this transition, Debbie said: “InitLive is poised for something big. I can feel it. And, Chris does too. I firmly believe his expertise is going to help us get there.”

For more details on our CEO announcement, please check out our press release here!