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Dec 3, 2018 11:07:58 AM by InitLive

Feature Release: Collect & Track Staff Availability

Volunteer Management, InitLive

collecting-availability-from-volunteersThere's nothing worse than scheduling a large group of volunteers only to learn that many of them are unavailable for their allotted shift times. That's why we've created a brand new way to help you avoid this back and forth altogether. Introducing a new set of highly-anticipated features that allow you to collect and track staff availability:

1) Collect Availability on Signup Forms
Event managers can now enable a new step within the volunteer registration process to collect staff availability. Better yet, managers can configure their availability module with custom titles and time blocks that suit their event schedule. For example, a manager can create a 'Morning' time block from 5am-10am, an 'Afternoon' time block from 10am-2pm, and an 'Evening' time block from 2pm-6pm. Have time blocks that look completely different from those? No problem - managers can set them to any time frame they want, even over midnight. Staff will then be able to select their availability across all time blocks that exist within the event schedule.


What Staff See: This new signup step allows staff to select the time blocks that match when they are available to work via an intuitive drag and drop module. For example, a volunteer could select that they are available from 2pm-6pm across each day of a 5-day festival.


Collecting availability is ideal for managers who want to manually schedule their staff, allowing them to make faster, and better scheduling decisions. 


2) Find Staff Who Are Available / Unavailable for Shifts
Once Event Managers collect availability from their staff, they can filter their staff list based on availability (ie. find everyone who indicated that they are available to work a morning shift on the Tuesday of the event). From this filtered list, managers can apply multiple actions (ie. send a message, add to a role, remove qualifications, etc.).InitLive helps Event Managers make smarter scheduling decisions as they build out their shifts: while creating shifts for the event, see and pick from a list of all staff who are available for that shift.

3) Conflict Notifications to Prevent Scheduling Unavailable Staff

InitLive provides visibility to both Managers and Staff when there is a conflict between the time someone is marked as available and the time of a shift.  This flag notification helps Managers prevent scheduling errors while manually scheduling staff. For Event Managers who enable self signup for their volunteers, the system will feature the shifts that staff are available for, but will also notify them should they try to select shifts that don't align with their availability. 


Next Steps:

Ready to give these features a try? Log in here, or watch a demo to see how InitLive will help you track your staff and volunteer availability like never before!

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