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Sep 21, 2017 4:16:25 PM by InitLive

Feature Release: Create Your Own Custom Registration Form & Signup Page

Custom Registration Forms - Volunteer ManagementInitLive’s new signup process gives event managers the power to screen staff and volunteers via custom questions during the recruitment process. Now, managers can publish a form to their event signup page with an unlimited number of questions and collect responses. This new process not only saves time by reducing the number of communication touchpoints and follow-ups for managers to make, but also provides staff & volunteers a convenient and easy way to signup!

DividerLineShadow.pngWhat Managers Will See:
A Customizable Recruitment Process


Recruitment Using Custom Questions

Use Custom Questions to collect event-specific data. For example, ask about preferred shift times/availability, preferred roles, t-shirt size, if accommodations are required, dietary preferences, what language(s) they speak, allow group signup, etc.- the sky's the limit! Curious to see what your staff will see? Preview your signup page anytime.



Open or Close Event Registration

Configure your signup workflow according to your event needs:

1) Closed Registration State: When you're not yet ready for the floodgates to open and start having people sign up for your event, keep your registration closed. Customize the messaging on your signup page to let people know when registration will be open. You can also use the closed state to manually add specific staff before allowing everyone else to sign up.

2) Open Registation State: Woohoo! The floodgates are open! Volunteers will be able to visit your event signup page and submit their required information. From there, you can choose to allow registrants to select their roles & shift times immediately after filling out the registration form, thus enabling self-signup OR you can block this step (ie. if you want to approve applicants first and/or if you want to manually schedule people).



Collect & Organize Responses

This is where the magic really begins! As you receive form responses from your staff and volunteers, you can use that data however you like! Access responses through individual staff profiles, or, export the responses to .CSV for other uses. Use this valuable volunteer information to help you schedule your event volunteers quickly and efficiently, and to document your volunteer needs (i.e. # of t-shirts to order for each size). 


DividerLineShadow.pngWhat Staff/Volunteers Will See:
A Custom Event Signup Page


Get ready to "wow" your staff and volunteers with a personalized event signup page. Now, when you share your event recruitment link, staff are taken to a customized, mobile-friendly, webpage where they are guided through an intuitive signup process.

Customize Your Event Signup Page By...

  • Inserting custom instructions, descriptions & thank you messages for your staff
  • Representing your event brand by setting a unique cover photo & event logo
  • Including custom registration questions for your staff to complete
  • Changing the order of your questions (drag & drop)
  • Requiring answers for specific questions
  • Representing your event brand by setting a unique cover photo & event logo


We know how important it is to make a great first impression to your staff and volunteers. That's why we're excited to be offering a signup process that is simple, intuitive, attractive, and memorable.

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