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Sep 13, 2017 2:50:03 PM by InitLive

Facilitating Disaster Relief Efforts? InitLive Can Help

With the influx of natural disasters in the past couple months - hurricanes, floods, etc. -InitLive has been reaching out to help. After Hurricane Harvey hit, InitLive partnered with Keller Williams to coordinate over 3,500 of their volunteers for Texas flood relief. Within minutes of opening registration and sharing a sign-up link, thousands of people were signing up for roles and shifts. After signing up, these volunteers knew where they needed to be, when to get there, and what they would be doing. Once on-site, all staff could check-in via the InitLive mobile app, indicating to the volunteer managers the attendance rate for each shift. Whenever new supply shipments came in, the managers could also broadcast that information to all applicable teams. Likewise, when supplies were needed, volunteers could notify their supervisors no matter where they were on-site. To learn more about these efforts, visit our news article here or watch the interview below.
InitLive-disaster-relief-effortsFacilitating disaster relief efforts is a massive undertaking - not only do you have to plan logistics, you need to recruit helpers, tell them what to do, and how to do it - all while getting everything done as soon as possible. That's where InitLive comes in. With a volunteer management software, scheduling and recruiting thousands of helpers suddenly becomes simple and much more efficient. The same is true with on-site communication - you and your operations team can easily communicate with any number of volunteers via email and text message, and those volunteers can easily communicate back. Disaster relief, by its nature, is hard to plan ahead for. That's why it's important to have a tool that allows you to make spontaneous plans and alert your team. 

The entire team at InitLive believes in helping people over profits and, as part of that, we're prepared to offer our software at heavily discounted rates. Our goal is to help disaster relief coordinators make the biggest impact possible as they diligently help those in need.

Are you being affected by a recent disaster? InitLive would like to help!
Contact us via our form or contact Victoria.McGlone@initlive.com directly.

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