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Sep 18, 2019 8:09:22 AM by InitLive

Feature Release: A Whole New Way To View, Build & Roster Your Event Schedule

Volunteer Management, InitLive


At InitLive, innovation is at the heart of product update in order to provide you with the best possible solution for managing your event staff and volunteers. But, we believe that this update is extra special for all of our customers. With this release comes dozens of powerful features that will truly reform the way you schedule your staff. Here's how!

1) Drag & Drop it Like it's Hot!
Anyone who has ever used Google Calendar will already have a feel for how easy it is to use InitLive's new Calendar view for scheduling staff and volunteers. Simply click and drag you mouse in your desired time slot to build out your staff schedule. If you prefer a more visual way to prepare and view schedules, this updated calendar view is for you! See how all of your shift blocks fit into your event calendar timeline, color code them, bulk edit any number of your shift blocks, quick search & filter, identify & correct gaps in your schedule, and assign staff faster than ever before.InitLive-drag-and-drop-scheduling

2) Experience the Joy of Smart Rostering
Choosing which staff should work particular shifts, while making sure they're both qualified and available, can result in serious decision fatigue! Because of this, our product designers wanted to innovate a whole new way to roster - unlike any other staff and volunteer management tool on the market. The result? InitLive now does all the heavy-lifting for you with an all-new Roster ModeTM

Roster ModeTM: Designed for scheduling speed, accuracy, and control, Roster ModeTM provides you a list of best matched staff to help you find the right people for the right roles and shifts. How? As you schedule your staff, Roster ModeTM highlights best matches based on qualifications, roles, availability, and shift conflicts. This takes the guesswork and tedious attention to detail out of your scheduling process so you can manually roster staff faster. When comparing InitLive's Roster ModeTM to the automatic scheduling features of other tools on the market, you'll find that InitLive provides the most control and visibility over who is scheduled where and will require no scheduling clean-up. We can't wait to hear about how much time you save!

3) A Fresh Perspective
At InitLive, we believe that a customizable lay-out of information is key for efficient staff and schedule decision making. That being said, we're thrilled to introduce interchangeable list and calendar views of your shifts scheduled, staff scheduled, and roles scheduled. So, whether you work best from a list view format, a more visual calendar view or a little of both, you can now switch back and forth and customize to your heart's content.

List Views: Show/Hide Columns
When you're collecting registration information from your staff, more than likely you have a purpose for it. InitLive allows you to easily reference that information so that you can efficiently and accurately roster your event. Whether you need to see basic staff information and/or the responses to your custom registration questions, InitLive offers you the flexibility to show/hide the data columns you can see from the staff list view. A practical example may be that you need to see all of your staff who have a t-shirt marked as medium - simply add 't-shirt size' as one of the columns to show within view.

When you're ready to start building out your schedule, the same is true from the Event Schedule tab - choose to work from list views of your shifts scheduled, staff scheduled, or roles scheduled and easily add/remove columns to provide you the most relevant information.


Calendar View: Achieve the Visibility you Need
Depending on the length and complexity of your event schedule, it may be helpful for you to switch between a month, week, day or hourly view in order to achieve full visibility over your event. InitLive now offers all four views so that you can achieve a zoom-in/out effect on your schedule at any time. Here's how we see each view coming in handy as you plan:

Month View: For those ongoing events that consist of a few shifts across many days - this view will help you zoom out, look ahead, and make bulk edits.

Week View: For events that require at least a handful of shifts per day - this view allows you to see the details of those shifts while still seeing a few days ahead.

Day View: For large, more complex events that have many shifts in one day.

Hourly View: For large, complex events with many shifts in one day - this view is very useful for managers and check-in administrators to use during the event for a real-time view of shifts happening.

For even more customization, set-up your calendar view to be as detailed or as simple as you like by choosing what you see in the shift blocks. For example, you can keep it simple by only displaying the number of staff that are scheduled for a particular shift, or you can have InitLive display additional details like the names of all the staff scheduled.

Custom Exports = No More Messy Data
Many software solutions force you to export all of your data when you require it in a .csv format. The output would then be an overwhelming spreadsheet filled with data that's tedious and time-consuming to understand. InitLive helps you skip this problem altogether by allowing you to choose the data fields you want for your exported file.

Example: Looking for the Total Hours Scheduled for each of your Ticket Booth volunteers? No problem! First filter your staff list by role and then Take Action to perform a Custom Export. Check off the fields you want and out will come the information you need.


We have more good news for you! All of these product updates are just the highlights of this big release! We're excited for you to log in and discover the rest.

Next Steps:

Ready to give these features a try? Log in here, or watch a demo to see how InitLive will help you implement a seamless recruitment and scheduling experience!

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