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Oct 14, 2021 8:33:59 AM by InitLive

Feature Release: Advanced Email Engagement & Communication Tools

Feature Release Advanced Email Engagement & Communication Tools

Increase volunteer engagement and boost long-term volunteer retention rates with InitLive’s new advanced email communication tools. Staying connected with your volunteers in more personalized and meaningful ways just got a lot easier with InitLive. With this new release, Administrators are empowered to create beautifully branded and customized emails and send them to segmented groups of volunteers through InitLive, offering a single point of truth for all volunteer management and engagement. 

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Create Communications That Inspire Action 

Send beautifully branded and customized email communications to volunteers directly from your InitLive account with its new email-rich text editor. InitLive makes crafting the perfect email simple with its intuitive editor and email preview options. InitLive makes it easy to preview each email you create in three sizes ( Computer, Tablet & Mobile) to ensure that every email sent is received correctly no matter the device. Now let’s dive into all the excellent email customization features available to you and your team. 

Email Customization 

Administrators can upload important images to their image library and insert imagery directly into the email. Add your logo, cover image, volunteer team picture, or some impact images from the amazing work your team is doing to keep everyone engaged and ready to help out. 

We didn’t stop there when creating emails; administrators can insert important hyperlinks like shift sign-up or donation links to promote calls to action within the email communication. You can also add special custom links directly into your email text to drive even more engagement. 

For example, “We are currently understaffed, go [here] to sign up for more shifts.” or “ Please tell us about your volunteer experience by filling out our survey [ here].”

Build your own beautifully branded invitation messages by quickly inserting one or many special re-direct links into your message body, making it even easier for volunteers to join the team and start making an impact with your organization. 

Administrators can customize their text with standard rich text editor features like headers, bold and colored text options to help you better communicate important information to your team of volunteers. 

For example, if there is important information your team needs to know about where to meet up at the beginning of a shift, you can increase the font size and bold the text to make it stand out and capture their attention. 

No matter what your email content contains, InitLive’s new rich text editor has all the features you need to communicate with your team easily. 

Email Attachments 

Sharing documents with your volunteers just got even easier with InitLive’s new email attachment capabilities. Administrators can now upload and attach an unlimited number of documents or files to an email.

Unlike other tools, InitLive supports all file-type attachments, including excel documents, PDFs, and MOV., ensuring you can easily share important documents or videos with your team. 

Send Emails From Custom Domains & Alias

Administrators can now send emails using a verified email address with a custom domain and alias through InitLive emails communication tools. InitLive offers total flexibility to change the sender’s email address and alias and reply to the address for each email communication to ensure the best possible engagement from volunteers.  

Boost Engagement With Personalized Content 

InitLive didn’t simply stop at a great new rich text editor and attachments; this release took it to a whole new level with new email personalization features. Administrators can now include personalization fields directly in their email text to offer their volunteers a genuinely personalized and meaningful experience. Adding a personalization field is simple; select the type of token and insert your selection.Personalization  Email   (1)

Here is a quick overview of the various personalization available with this release:  

Personalization Fields

Volunteer Information: Insert volunteer data tokens like their first name, last name, or other information associated with a volunteer profile to offer a more personalized experience. 

Opportunity Information: Insert opportunity tokens that are relevant to the volunteers you are sending the email to. For example, the opportunity name or address ensures they only receive information relevant to the opportunities they are signed up for. 

Organization Information: Insert organization-specific data tags like the organization name into email communications.  

Once you have crafted your email with these personalization fields, you can test them by reviewing the email as one of the recipients to see the exact email one of your volunteers will receive. With all the amazing tags and data points available within InitLive’s volunteer management solution, personalizing emails is an easy way to foster more meaningful connections with every volunteer on your team. 

Save Time With Custom Templates

Never double type an email communication again with InitLives email templates feature. When you create a new message you can send it directly to your segmented volunteer list and simply save it as a template to reuse later. 

Save time by storing every component of your email message including attachments, sender information, and personalization fields. Control the share settings on templates, and encourage other team members to increase their productivity by reusing your created masterpieces.

InitLive makes managing your email templates simple with editor logs so you know when and who last updated any given email template. This templating feature allows your organization to standardize your email templates to ensure that you put your best foot forward every time you interact with your volunteer team. 

Track All Your Email History In One Place 

Keep track of what email was sent to which volunteer with InitLive’s email logs and reporting. InitLive offers administrators full visibility on the email logs sent out through InitLive’s email tools. Administrators can see exactly which volunteers received what email and the status of that email, ensuring nobody receives duplicates or are left in the dark on important information. 

With all these new features at your fingertips, it's time to start getting out there and start creating personalized email communications!  Log in here, or book a chat to see how InitLive can help you streamline your volunteer management process.