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Jun 1, 2021 10:21:52 AM by InitLive

Feature Release - Advanced Tagging

Feature Release Advanced Tagging

This new feature release offers administrators the power to categorize data in any way, the possibilities are endless! Tags will not only improve the way data gets tracked, managed, and reported on internally but, tags will also improve the way staff/volunteers can find the most suitable opportunities and shifts.

What are Tags? 

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A tag is a custom attribute that can be created and assigned to an individual user, a shift, or an opportunity. Tags are easy to use and can be a great way to group or categorize attributes. This will not only help Administrators narrow down large sets of data, but it will also help Staff and Volunteers during the signup process. 

Every organization manages its database of volunteers differently, which is why we have created tagging at all levels through InitLive’s volunteer management solution. This offers organizations true administrative freedom to create tagging systems that are as simple or complex as required to meet their individual needs.Tags_Shift&Opp (2)

Tags can exist at the highest Organization Level and be used across Opportunities. This will be helpful for tracking commonly used information such as Causes, Areas of Interest, Agencies, Charities, Programs, etc. 

Tags can also exist just within the context of a single Opportunity if it requires very specific tracking. For example, as an Administrator, you can use Tags to track which volunteers have received their merchandise for the event you are running.

Advanced Tagging Features 

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Tag Categories & Themes 

Series of tags can be grouped together under a common theme, empowering admins to slice and dice their data in any possible way. This offers every organization an easy way to build out a complex tagging system. 


Tag Visibility 

We know volunteer management requires a lot of oversight, so we are happy to share that administrators can now create external and internal tags based on their specific management and reporting needs.  

Internal tags are hidden from volunteers and are only to be used by an administrator. For example, a “Performance Score” tag can be created to evaluate how a volunteer did on a specific shift or task. 

External tags can be seen by volunteers and can be used when signing up for opportunities, or for shifts in a specific program. For example, a volunteer can choose to filter all the available shifts by “Causes” that have been defined by custom tags such as “human rights” or “hunger”. 


Allocated Tags

Administrators can customize how many tags within a single category can be assigned. For example, only allowing a single tag to be selected within a category can be a great way to track each volunteer’s stage and progress in a sign-up workflow. Allowing multiple tags to be selected could be a great way to capture areas of interest or skills.  


Unlimited Tags and Categories 

With advanced tagging, there is no limit to the number of categories that can be created or the number of tags within a category that can exist. For example, an administrator could create a category for ‘Districts’ and have 485 different districts listed out as tags. 


Auto-Tagging Users

During the registration process, administrators can save time by automating the assignment of tags to staff and volunteers, simply based on how specific form questions get answered.  


Advanced Filtering

Administrators can bulk filter staff lists, opportunity lists, and shifts based on any tags they have created. This allows them to view exactly what they need to leverage their data and maximize the impact of their programs with the resources they have. This new functionality is available on both the InitLive mobile application and web application. If permitted by the administrator, Staff and Volunteers will also be able to achieve this during signup. 

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Administrators can save time manually creating categories and tags through a simple-to-use import feature via a. CSV file. 

Logging & Time Tracking on Tag Assignments 

In order to better meet the needs of our customers, the InitLives team created an innovative tag logging feature unlike anything else on the market. For example, an administrator can see when a volunteer completed each stage of the volunteer sign-up/screening process. This offers greater insight into how to improve and streamline future programs, offering endless opportunities to refine and redefine your volunteer management process based on real data!


We know how important impact reporting is! That’s why InitLive has added 11 new tag-based reports as a part of this release. These advanced reports offer meaningful data to better understand all aspects of your volunteers, management process, and impact reporting based on hours worked.  For example, if Tags are being used to track certain causes, an Administrator could pull an hours worked report that will let them know how many hours were attributed to a certain cause across a custom time horizon. 

Creative Ways to Leverage Tags  

To help draw inspiration, here are some creative ways our customers are leveraging the tagging capabilities. 

Assigning Tags to People  

Administrators can not only assign tags to people to better track, manage and schedule them, but to better understand how to engage with them. Some ideas include using tags to track and manage: 

  • Workflows and how people are progressing through them. 
  • Administrative tasks that need to be taken on new users (a to-do list). 
  • Status of people, such as: if they are inactive at the moment, if they have completed a certain process, if they are a staff vs. a volunteer, etc. 
  • Interests, skills or causes people care about
  • Who has received certain collateral.  
  • Attendance records (if they were late or early)
  • Ranking and performance 
  • Areas people are part of including regions, districts, zones, communities, etc. 
  • Groups people are part of including programs, agencies, charities, churches, etc. 


Assigning Tags to Opportunities and Shifts 

Administrators can assign tags to Shifts and Opportunities to better categorize them. Some ideas include using tags to track and manage: 

  • The service type required (ie. In-Kind, In Person/onsite, Virtual, Remote, etc)
  • Interests, skills or causes related to the opportunity. 
  • The type of opportunity something is (ie. a job posting, a shift, an event, a program, etc). 
  • Groups the opportunities are for, including programs, agencies, charities, churches, etc. 
  • Who opportunities are suitable for what people 
  • The difficulty level or experience level required for the opportunity. 


Bonus Features 

We couldn’t simply stop at tagging features! We are pleased to share that this release also includes the following bonus features. 

Improvement to key performance indicators (KPIs): 

New Data Columns on the Schedule: Additional columns added to the Opportunity Level Schedule to give administrators a better overview so that they know how each shift is performing from a single view.

Export Opportunities: You can now export the list of opportunities to a CSV file that includes key metrics for how each opportunity is performing. 

More Details on Notifications: Administrator notifications now provide more details to keep the team informed on how each opportunity is performing without having to log in to InitLive. 


Hyperlink Public Page Photos: Admins can now create their own buttons using the image URLs and customize their redirect links on the organization and opportunity pages

With all these new features at your fingertips, it's time to start getting out there and start building tags!  Log in here, or watch a demo to see how InitLive can help you streamline your volunteer management process.