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Oct 8, 2020 7:49:39 AM by InitLive

Feature Release - Create Hidden Shifts & Allow Volunteers To Signup For Opportunities & Shifts From The Mobile App

Feature Release - Create Hidden Shifts & Allow Volunteers To Signup For Opportunities & Shifts From The Mobile App

We are pleased to announce our latest feature release, offering an even easier way for volunteers to sign up for new opportunities from anywhere. This new feature release focuses on streamlining the volunteer experience to encourage additional shift signups and allows managers to schedule shifts months in advance without notifying volunteers until they are ready too. Creating and filling volunteer shifts has never been easier!

Create Hidden Shifts

Untitled design (89)You asked, and we have delivered! We are pleased to share that managers can create shifts in a draft state, allowing you to build out our schedule months in advance without any scheduled volunteers seeing or being notified about them. This new feature now offers two shift states for you to pick from: 

1. Draft State: "Draft" is helpful when building out a preliminary version of the Schedule and hides the Shifts from automatically displaying to Scheduled Staff. Shifts that are in a Draft state will not appear in the signup workflow, regardless of their visibility setting. 

2. Published State: "Published" is helpful for speedy Scheduling and automatically displays the Shift to Scheduled Staff.

These new features offer managers the ability to block scheduled volunteers from seeing the shifts they have been assigned or selectively hiding specific shifts. This is particularly useful for organizations that schedule volunteer weeks or months in advance and release the Schedule incrementally.

Shift Selection Shortcut

Untitled design (80)-1Sharing new shifts with your team just got a lot easier for everyone! This new feature makes signing up for additional volunteer shifts simple, without any unnecessary hoops. Once a volunteer has registered with your organization, they can directly access the Shift selection area through multiple new shortcuts and no longer need to go through every Signup Workflow Step to do so.

Managers now have access to the direct Shift Selection Link, and a new Bulk Action that encourages existing volunteers to sign up for unfilled shifts, knowing that their team's signup process is quick and easy!

Mobile App Shift/ Opportunities Selection

Untitled design (81)-1Volunteers can now sign up for more volunteer opportunities and shifts using the InitLive mobile app. This new feature makes it even easier to fill shifts from your existing pool of volunteers without any additional administration or steps. This means that once volunteers have created their account and downloaded the mobile app, they can stay on that platform to simply browse the available opportunities and signup in seconds .Login to the web app to access more opportunities. Now volunteers can simply browse what opportunities are available and sign up in seconds from the mobile app.


Image URL Exports 

You can now easily export volunteer profile image URLs and other profile information and import them into external tools to create badges, resumes, and other documents required for their organization and program. This new feature ensures that managers have a simple way to export and download profile information into templates to reduce their administrative time. 

With all these new features at your fingertips, it's time to start getting out there and start building and filling those volunteer shifts! Log in  here, or watch a demo  to see how InitLive can help you streamline your volunteer management process.