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Mar 17, 2021 2:33:06 PM by InitLive

Feature Release: Customizable Volunteer Shift Sign Up

Feature Release_ customizable Volunteer Shift Sign Up

Delivering an amazing volunteer experience is at the heart of everything we do at InitLive, which is why we are so excited to share our latest feature release.This new feature release offers your volunteers the ability to view shifts in their preferred way by choosing from three views and applying an assortment of advanced filters. We didn’t stop there; volunteers will now have a more familiar cart experience when selecting and signing up for shifts. These new features will ensure that every volunteer has an exceptional sign-up experience. 

Three Views With Unlimited Possibilities

We understand that everyone works differently, so we have created three different shift views for volunteers to choose from. All three views have been designed to make selecting and signing up for volunteer shifts easy. Volunteers can now toggle between all the views during the signup process. The three views can be used to publicly promote available shifts before the sign-up process, providing potential volunteers the ability to preview shifts on an organization-branded sign-up page. 

Volunteer/Staff Calendar View

We are so excited to share that volunteers can now view and sign up for shifts from an easy-to-use calendar view. This new feature offers a familiar monthly calendar view experience which empowers them to visualize their schedule as they review and sign up for volunteer shifts. 

Volunteer/Staff Card View

The shift card view offers volunteers an easy way to review essential shift details without selecting each shift. This view is great for new volunteers looking to explore what shifts are available and what tasks and roles entail. 


Volunteer/Staff List View 

The list view has been updated and streamlined to visually make it easier for volunteers to scan through the list of shifts. This list view is more visually appealing with color codes shift, streamlined shift information. 

Color-Coded Shifts 

Volunteers can now see shift colors that managers set. This helps to divide up shifts visually, allowing volunteers to scan shifts by color quickly. For example, a manager can make all food hamper box shifts orange and all delivery shifts blue and then promotes those color codes in volunteer recruitment emails to make the sign-up process even easier for volunteers. 

Advanced Filtering 

We didn’t stop there. All three views offer advanced filters, which include role, locations, and custom date ranges. Volunteers can easily apply filters in each category to help narrow down which shifts they are interested in and available for. These intuitive filters ensure volunteers aren’t overwhelmed by choice. 

InitLive has also added new shift filter options that allow volunteers to narrow down their search further and only see available shifts. 


Hide ShiftsThat Are Full Toggle 

This toggle will hide all shifts that have to reach the predetermined maximum sign-ups limit.

Hide ShiftsThat I Cannot Select 

This toggle will hide all shifts that a volunteer is either not available or qualified for. 

Hide Shifts That I am Already Signed up For 

If the volunteer has been assigned shifts, or has already signed up for things and is re-entering the workflow, previous selections can be hidden.

Hide Shifts That I am Unavailable For

If the volunteer has filled in their availability, they can hide everything that falls outside of their constraints.

Shift Selection Cart 

We are committed to ensuring that every volunteer has a great shift selection process. That is why we have created a new shift cart that allows them to select volunteer shifts and review them in a familiar cart experience before completing the signup process. This new feature ensures that every volunteer knows what they are committing to and are confident as they submit their shift selection. 

Bonus Features: 

Expanded Broadcast-to-SMS- We have increased the character limit on the app and SMS broadcast messages from 135 characters to 1600 characters. This will allow you to send more detailed communications to your team. 

New Notifications - We have added the option to send Email and/or Bell Notifications when Staff and Volunteers add or remove themselves from an Opportunity. We didn't stop there! You will also be able to customize who receives those notifications including the Organization Administrators, Opportunity Administrators, or custom email addresses if you want to inform third-party partners of the activity.

Export Opportunities - The list of Opportunities at the Organization Level can now be exported to a CSV file, allowing you to better track activity across Opportunities.

Want to inform your volunteers about the new changes?

Share the following video with your volunteer team. Click here to access the link. 



With all these new features at your fingertips, it's time to start getting out there and start building and filling those volunteer shifts!  Log in here, or watch a demo to see how InitLive can help you streamline your volunteer management process.