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Dec 12, 2017 1:47:38 PM by InitLive

Feature Release: Advanced Filtering and Time-Saving Bulk Actions

Volunteer Management, Event Technology

Feature Release - Filtering and Bulk editing.png

Raindrops on roses, and whiskers on kittens.
Innovative technology and customer-driven enhancements. 
Staff lists that filter by t-shirt size and more...
These are a few of our favorite things!


InitLive's new advanced filtering options and bulk action functionality will have you singing by the end of this post!

CustomFilters.png1) Never Before Seen Filtering Technology

InitLive Registration Forms just got way more powerful! Why? Because, now, every time you create a custom question on the Registration Form, a custom filter "auto-magically" appears on your staff list to help you find/filter through that information easily. For example, should you create an "Availability" question for your volunteers to fill out, you will now be able to filter to see which staff checked off specific time slots directly within the InitLive portal. 


Filters Based on Question Types

InitLive's new advanced filtering technology supports all question types within your Registration form. Whether you're using drop-down questions, multi-select, date pickers or photo/document uploads, our filters allow you to find the responses you're looking for.

Drill Down Your Filtering By Sub-Questions

Just when you thought you might be able to stump our filtering features, you didn't! 😂  InitLive's new filtering allows you to drill-down on questions that have sub-questions (i.e. Question: Are you available on Day 1? Sub-Question: If so, which time slot?). In just one click, filter by this sub-question to see which staff are available during specific time slots on Day 1. 

2) Bulk Actions for Lightning-Fast Scheduling

Setting up your staff and communicating just got lightning-fast! Whether you've filtered your staff list or not, select multiple (or all) staff to perform a variety of bulk actions.

Add / Remove Roles in Bulk

Select multiple staff and assign any number of Roles to those staff.

Add / Remove Qualifications in Bulk

You guessed it! Select multiple staff and assign any number of Qualifications to those staff.


Bulk Add / Remove Roles to Shifts

Apply all the necessary Roles to your shifts in just a few clicks!



3) Access All Custom Question Data from the Mobile App

No matter how many custom questions you've created, access all of this valuable volunteer data from the app on event day! 


When t-shirt orders are due,
When the some staff have allergies,
When you want to assign Roles to those who are an undergrad...
Simply remember these favorite things and then you won't feel so bad! 😄 

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