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Jan 11, 2022 12:01:50 PM by InitLive

Feature Release: Geo-location Attendance Tracking & Schedule Communications


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InitLive’s new volunteer attendance tracking feature offers administrators endless opportunities to set highly customized geo-locations based on their specific requirements for each shift or opportunity. This will not only empower your organization with accurate data and peace of mind, but it will also allow volunteers the ability to self-check in, saving everyone time.  

We didn’t stop there! InitLive customers can now easily share each volunteer’s personal shift schedule through email, ensuring every volunteer has all the information they need to show up at the right place and the right time. Now let’s dive into all these great new features.  

Geo-location Attendance Tracking 

Take the guesswork out of volunteer attendance tracking with the new geo-location tracking and ensure that every volunteer arrives at the correct location before they check-in using their mobile app and start volunteering. This is a great way to understand the engagement levels of your volunteers and whether or not they are making it on time.

Set Up Custom Location Tracking In Minutes

We understand that every organization has its own unique tracking and location requirements which is why our team has created an easy-to-use geo-location tool. Administrators can now track the latitude and longitude of where their volunteers are checking in/out from after the opportunity has taken place. This feature empowers organizations to set a custom check-in location radius for each opportunity location or venue. Now administrators can easily detect any discrepancies from their volunteers or team members.

Administrators can also enable custom geo-location tracking for each volunteer shift based on the shift location and the custom check-in radius. Setting up a check-in radius allows administrators to view where their volunteers are checking in from and how far they are from the set location. 

 Offer A Seamless Volunteer Check- in/Check-Out Experience

The InitLive mobile app offers organizations the ability to empower volunteers to check in and out of shifts while ensuring volunteers are onsite when they check-in through reporting. We have made it super easy for volunteers to enable location services through a simple prompt on their InitLive mobile app. This streamlined form of tracking helps save admin time while ensuring that all volunteers are at the right location when they check in and out of their shifts. Reduce volunteer supervision as you trust your volunteers more in attending their shifts.IMG_4302 (2)

Accurate Attendance Adherence Tracking 

InitLive makes it easy to review your volunteer attendance data through simple reports. These reports offer administrators curial insight into volunteer shift adherence and flag those outside the custom geo-location radius for an opportunity, event, venue, or shift location. Through this essential data, organizations can improve their attendance adherence through communications, training, and other options to ensure the best possible results for their volunteer program. 

Administrators are also able to report on the accuracy range through the mobile app to see exactly how far off their volunteers were from the preset radius. This allows administrators to see if their volunteers are attending their shifts and if not, it offers insights to make a decision on how to boost volunteer engagement.

These new tracking capabilities offer greater transparency on volunteer shift adherence. Still, they can also provide valuable insight into any changes that need to be made in the training or communication process to ensure volunteers show up at the right place at the right time. InitLive will point out any discrepancies or suspicious check-in activities with an ‘adherence flag,’ which will take the guesswork out of it. This allows administrators to focus on the problem areas and highlight important information.


Share Personal Volunteer Schedules Through Email  

Inform volunteers with the exact personal schedule information you want with InitLive’s new insert schedule communication feature. This is perfect for sending volunteers beautifully crafted reminder emails for upcoming shifts and summary emails of the shifts they worked.

For example, an administrator can quickly share a summary of all the shifts a volunteers has worked in the past year, month or week and communicate exactly how that effort has positively contributed to the organizations mission. 

Administrators can enhance their communications by incorporating volunteer schedules into email's message body. This feature provides a convenient way for volunteers to review their volunteer schedules in the email body itself without having to log in, saving them time and effort. 

Customize Volunteer Schedule Details 

Volunteer coordinators may want to switch things around in a volunteer’s schedule, and communicating through words can get confusing. Communicate any changes in schedules easily through InitLive by visually helping staff members understand any important changes being made with just a click of a button. 

For example, an administrator can share next week's upcoming shift schedule with volunteers that contain important shift information like the shift location to offer volunteers convenient access to all the information they need to show up at the right time and place.   

Managers can further choose to display specific schedule information depending on the information they are trying to communicate to their volunteers. This includes shift details, role information, check-in and check-out information, hours worked and scheduled, and much more! 

Bonus Features

We couldn’t stop there! We are pleased to share that this release also includes additional features that make it easier for volunteer coordinators to communicate important information at the right time. 

Here is a quick overview of the following bonus features. 

  • Insert Volunteer Hours Worked: Share the impact each of your volunteers are making by quickly creating custom email templates such as hours worked to report on a timely basis that can be further narrowed down by opportunity to ensure all their hard work doesn’t go unacknowledged. 
  • Last Volunteer Login Tracking: Keep track of each of your volunteer’s activities and engagement with the“last log-in tracking” feature and segment volunteers based on their activity to help deliver the right engagement at the right time. 

With all these new features at your fingertips, it's time to start getting out there and ensuring your volunteers are making it on time and on-site for their shifts and are recognized for all the hours they’ve contributed!  Log in here, or watch a demo to see how InitLive can help you streamline your volunteer management process.