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Feb 5, 2018 4:31:15 PM by InitLive

Feature Release: New & Improved Organization Portal

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InitLive-new-featuresImagine a mission control board for event producers, their staff, and their extensive list of upcoming events - where you can deploy select staff/volunteers from your database across countless events and where you can view dashboard insights on your recruitment progress. Now stop imagining because... it's here! The new Organization Portal just had a massive facelift! Here are some of the features and functionalities you won't want to miss!

AddStaff2.png1) A CRM for your Organization's entire staff database

Have staff and volunteers who you plan to schedule out across several events throughout the year? Upload your staff database to the new Organization Portal or have staff sign-up through your Organization registration page. With this process, your staff will be thrilled that they only need to register once, no matter how many events they plan/hope to be a part of. Less steps for them, and best of all, more control for you!

Dash2.png2) Dashboard insights into your progress

We understand. When you have a ton of events to manage, it can be dizzying to monitor the status of each one. Using the new Organization Portal, you can access a dashboard to view how many staff you have - within your organization, and within each of your events. From here, you can also see at a glance how many events are live, upcoming, and past - as well as your InitLive inventory, so that you can always keep track.

AddStaff.png3) Bulk actions across multiple events

From the Organization portal, adding staff/volunteers across multiple events is easy using the bulk actions tool! Use InitLive's advanced filtering options to find the staff you need and, with only a couple clicks, you'll be able to add those staff to as many events as you like.

What are you waiting for? Go log in and check this new portal out, or watch a demo to see how you can deploy staff to your year's worth of events in a matter of minutes!

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