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Jan 21, 2020 10:27:07 AM by InitLive

Feature Release: One Solution In Six Languages

Feature Release: One Solution In Six Languages

When it comes to staff and volunteer management, communication is key, which is why we now offer our web and mobile applications in 6 languages. Whether your staff and volunteers need two languages or all six, InitLive's new language editing tool has you covered. InitLive's event staff and volunteer management solution is now offered in Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Italian, and English. 

Choose Your Primary Language 

Your language your way! Managers can now create their organization or events in any of the six languages. The language that an event or organization was created in will act as the primary language for managers, staff, and volunteers, eliminating an English first experience. This offers organizations around the world the flexibility to run their events and programs based on their specific need. 

Example- A Belgian event production company can create their event in French and then add German and Dutch as secondary language options. This allows them to offer three languages to their staff and volunteers. 

Offering a Personal Experience in Their Preferred Language 

Offer your staff and volunteers an even better experience in their preferred language. Staff and volunteers can select their preferred profile language and experience registration, communications, and a mobile application in their preferred language. Managers can now filter the staff list by preferred language and build teams and shifts by language and assign shift supervisors that can communicate with their team.

Volunteer Preferred Language Profile Setting


Translation Made Easy 

InitLive makes translating custom text simple with quick export and import options. Build your custom fields in your primary language, export, and send them to your translator. Once your text has been translated, simply import it and review it. Offering multiple languages to your staff and volunteers has never been easier. 

Smart Language Editing Tool 

With InitLive's new language editing tool, no field is left untranslated. Managers can build out their organization or event in up to 6 languages. Simply add languages in your event or organization setting and customize your view for how you work best. 

As you build your translations, the language editing tool will track your progress on a simple dashboard, offering you a snapshot of how much you have accomplished. As you build out your languages, InitLive's new language tool will analyze your translated text and alert you of any errors or missing text, ensuring that every language is complete and ready for your team. 

InitLive-Smart- Language-Editing -Tool

Bonus Features 

  • Managers can now duplicate their entire schedule from one venue to the next. This new feature makes reusing data easy with the ability to bulk change venues and locations. You’ll never have to start from scratch. 
  • Create a beautiful and easy to read shift schedules with the new bulk edit option on shift colors. Color coding your shifts has never been quicker.
  • Mangers can now add notes and star ratings for staff and volunteer in bulk, making post event evaluation even easier. 
  • Edit your staff check-in directly in InitLive or on the clock-in logs helping you track staff and volunteers accurately. 

Next Steps:

Ready to give these features a try? Log in here, or watch a demo to see how InitLive will help you implement a seamless translation.