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Jan 20, 2023 8:28:58 AM by InitLive

Feature Release: Organization Level Staff Lists


When it comes to making volunteer placement decisions, a lot of information needs to be considered before final action is taken. Having a bird's eye view over your database of volunteers and only exposing key information will enable faster decision-making and help gain insight into overall engagement levels. 

With InitLive's latest release, organization administrators have full customization capabilities over the staff lists. Explore the power of the dynamic grid views by entering a full-screen view, tailoring which columns display, how they are re-sized, controlling sort orders, what information can be exported, and perform search functions on any data displaying.


 Improve Placement Decisions 

Improve placement decisions by gaining insight across users and understanding where they were previously placed, along with where they are currently placed and if they are scheduled to work in the future. Gain visibility over information such as: 

- The user's Average Star Rating
- All Form Question Responses 
- If the user has any outstanding Schedule Conflicts 
- When the user last logged in to the system 
- Any Qualifications the user has 
- The date the user joined the organization
- When the user is availble
- Tag Information that is assigned to the user


Save Administration Time

Save administration time by having a customizable view of volunteer information across users.

- Filter on new data points to quickly get the information needed 
- Sort columns to display the data in the preferred order
- Export customized views of the staff lists 
- Take bulk actions 


Monitor Engagement Levels

Expose and/or export new information on users that will help with monitoring and understanding engagement levels, such as:


How many opportunities the user is part of
(Broken down by Upcoming, Live, Past, and Lifetime). Gain a better understanding of how involved the users are based on their total accumulated opportunities.  


The names of the opportunities the user is part of
(Broken down by Upcoming, Live, Past, and Lifetime). View a detailed list of the opportunity titles that the user participated in to get a better understanding of where they were previously placed, or currently placed. 

How many hours the user is scheduled to work
(Broken down by Upcoming Dates, Today, Past Dates, Lifetime). Gain a better understanding of how much the user has been scheduled to work. Comparing this data to their actual hours worked will help understand the users' commitment level.  

How many hours the user actually worked
(Broken down by Lifetime). Quickly find out who is most and/or least active in the organization by sorting users based on their total time committed.  

How many shifts the user is scheduled in 
(Broken down by Upcoming Dates, Today, Past Dates, Lifetime). Gain a better understanding of how active the user is regarding assigned shifts. 

How many shifts the user is on the waitlist for
(Broken down by Upcoming Dates, Today, Past Dates, Lifetime) Gain a better understanding of how many users are on waitlists, and sort by whoever is doing the most waiting. 




Bulk Remove Users from Opportunities 


This new bulk action allows administrators to quickly remove multiple users from any Opportunity, from the highest level of the system. 


Relocation of Pending & Rejected Applications  

Screen Shot 2023-01-16 at 12.36.28 PM

We have relocated the access of Pending Applications & Rejected Applications to the top left corner of the interface. This will allow users to quickly swap between views while remaining in 'full-screen' mode. 


Having visibility across users is important for making placement decisions. This information equips managers with the best context for making placement decisions at the highest level, making screening a breeze.


What's Next? 

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