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Aug 23, 2022 2:13:44 PM by InitLive

Feature Release: Read-Only Administrators

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As an organization starts to scale, different types of administrators will become involved in your daily, weekly and even monthly operations. With that, more administrators will require access to your organization in the InitLive system for different purposes. Some administrators might not necessarily be looking to make changes but need a birds-eye view of the overall operations; others might need to make heavy changes.

The more administrators an organization has in a system, the higher the risk is of user errors occurring. Administrators can unintentionally modify key settings or even delete critical components such as user, shift, or opportunity information. Even a small modification can be detrimental to the organization’s overall processes and workflows.

InitLive’s latest feature release mitigates risk and protects your organization from certain types of administrators making changes to any operations. The read-only feature provides administrators full access to the administrative interface and eliminates any possibility of accidental changes occurring.

What are Read-Only Permissions?
Read-only permissions authorize a user to view and read the administrator interface but blocks them from making any changes or modifications, including adding, editing or deleting any data components.

What are some additional capabilities of the Read-Only Permission?
You can apply two additional permissions to a read-only administrator that provides even more flexibility for how the feature can be leveraged.


1. Send Messages

Read-only users can optionally be allowed to send outbound communications from the system.


2. Export Data

Read-only users can optionally be allowed to export any data or reports from the system.


What types of administrators should leverage the Read-Only Permission set?
Organizations can have many administrative roles, all requiring different access levels. Here are some examples of how your organization could leverage this permission set:


Higher Ups

If your organization has C-level or director level positions that require visibility over the overall operations, progress and performance.


Third Parties

If your organization has an outside party that is command-and-control for live operations and requires visibility over who is scheduled where and what their attendance status is.


Partners & Channels

If your organization wants to share how things are architected and set up within the system to help other associates with onboarding and setting up similar workflows.


 Data Aggregators

If your organization has a role that requires someone to pull reports and consolidate data for grants and government application purposes.



If your organization has a person in charge of all outbound communications and is solely responsible for updating the base with key information. 


By limiting the access of certain administrators, your organization can take caution, be less at risk of unwanted changes, and allow scaling to happen seamlessly as new administrators are brought into the system.


BONUS FEATURES: Other Mentionable Enhancements

1) Image Storage Library is now available on the public page descriptions!
Upload, store and reuse custom images by saving them to the image library, which is now accessible on the public page description. Images stored in this library can be re-used from the email message body and are available to pull from across opportunities. Save creation time by quickly inserting logos, cover photos, team pictures, and anything else you can think of that will help with branding your signup page.

2) Security Enhancements
At InitLive, we continually build with security in the forefront of our minds. Every year, InitLive has a dedicated security review to ensure the system is not vulnerable to any new exploitations, and we make the appropriate modifications.


What's Next? 

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