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Feb 25, 2022 11:48:32 AM by InitLive

Feature Release: Salesforce Integration Enhancements

Feature Release Advanced Email Engagement & Communication Tools (1)-2

Salesforce Integration

Experience an even easier way to accurately manage all your volunteer and donor data with InitLive two-way Salesforce integration. This two-way sync empowers you to effortlessly manage and leverage important volunteer data between both softwares. 

This integration provides key insights on developing better long-term relationships with your volunteers, eventually turning them into donors. Growing your volunteer base with skilled and passionate volunteers is essential for a nonprofit’s growth. 

By syncing this important volunteer data over to Salesforce, managers can create campaigns to reach out to specific volunteer groups by creating custom reports or by filtering their volunteers into contact lists. This will allow managers to convert volunteers to donors and report on their overall impact on the community. 

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Importance of Turning Volunteers into Donors

Studies show that long-standing volunteers are ten times more likely to donate than those who have not volunteered. This is because your volunteers are dedicated to your mission and have seen the positive impact your cause is making, and generally want to contribute more!

The more volunteers you have, the more potential donors you have. Your volunteers are committed to your mission, knowing their time contributes to a greater cause. A volunteer management software allows you to measure engagement levels and lets you focus outreach to the volunteers most likely to do more for your mission.

Your volunteer management software will help you build great relationships and determine how to develop effective long-term strategies to turn your volunteers into donors. InitLive took this to a whole other level by enhancing the InitLive and Salesforce integration, let’s dive in to learn more!

Volunteer Hours Tracking by Top Volunteer

Administrators can track volunteer hours to gain greater visibility of volunteer activity to better understand the relationship between volunteers and donors by sharing service time data between InitLive and Salesforce. This is automatically created once the sync occurs and shows the administrator how many hours they’ve volunteered and when their last volunteer date was.

Tracking volunteer hours provides you with some great insights to analyze the impact of your volunteers’ hours and enables you to understand their contributions to your program. Effective time tracking is critical for accurate reporting, with the help of hour tracking tools, you can access foundational information on how long your volunteers and working, and you can express and show volunteers their value.


Custom Question Data Sharing

Share custom question response data between InitLive and Salesforce to see whether or not your volunteers are converting into donors. 

Administrators can use demographic data to track donor conversions and gain insights into boosting conversion rates. They can also share all the volunteer data collected in the registration process.

With custom data mapping, managers can ensure they are keeping their Salesforce organization up to date with InitLive Tags/Form Questions such as interests, certifications, group membership, donor status, volunteer type, and locations. 


Contact Information

Administrators can view important contact information divided into tags such as communication information - see if your volunteer has opened or responded to your email, hours volunteered, first volunteer date, last volunteer date, and much more, all automatically synced!


Dashboard Views

Visually display key metrics and trends for records in your nonprofit organization, these are built off custom reports created by you! Understand the impact of relevant activities and understand what isn’t working, all on a single screen. 

With all the changes in your reports, it may become difficult to keep track of it all, your dashboard condenses all your reports into visuals that are easy to look at at a quick glance, such as graphs, tables, charts, metrics, and much more.

If you’re focusing on specific aspects of your organization, customize your dashboard to fit your needs to help you with better decision-making without digging deep.


Volunteer Financial Impact

Administrators can have a visual view of where impact is being made and by how much. This view consists of different tags that are associated with volunteers and along with a financial impact based on the amount of hours volunteers your volunteers have contributed in each tag.

Use this information to do a volunteer outreach campaign through Salesforce and reach out to the volunteers with a specific tag and see if they’re interested in becoming a donor. This offers volunteer managers insights on which volunteers are highly engaged and invested in each volunteer opportunity. 


Our InitLive and Salesforce integration doesn’t only stop there! Administrators can further measure financial impact with volunteer hours worked by creating custom reports. Create and input formulas to measure your impact. Determine how much impact one volunteer hour makes in your community, for example, one hour equals $20, and see calculate how much total dollars your volunteer hours equates to.

Get insights on your top volunteers based on hours worked to acknowledge their impact and reach out to them to take a step further and become a donor for your organization!


Volunteers by Cause Tag

This feature offers a breakdown of the volunteers that are synced over and the general causes they are interested in, which are broken down into different tags. The volunteers by cause tag pie chart presents a percentage of total volunteer hours in contributed to different causes. 

Increase the drive in your organization with the volunteers by cause tag feature as it allows administrators to know exactly who to reach out to based on your opportunities and your volunteers’ interests.


Volunteers by Postal Code

Have a quick glance at where your volunteers reside by postal code. If you’re a volunteer manager who wishes to offer opportunities targeted for specific groups in specific areas, reach out to the volunteers who are living in that region and get the most engagement from them as it will be easier for them to get there.

Administrators can see how many volunteers they have in specific regions and add them to a campaign for a specific opportunity. This makes it easier to boost engagement, eventually helping you convert your volunteers to donors and see the financial impact your organization is making!


New Net Features

  1. Sync demographic data such as customer questions and answers.

  2. Sync service time overtime and logging every shift hours that were worked.

  3. Do hours worked by tag type, and build out more reports with custom data mapping.

With all these new features at your fingertips, it's time to start getting out there and start new and more effective ways of developing stronger relationships with your volunteers to boost retainment and turn them into donors! Log in here, or book a chat to see how InitLive can help you streamline your volunteer management process