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Jul 22, 2020 8:18:03 AM by InitLive

Feature Release - Seamless and Flexible Volunteer Recruitment

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We are happy to announce our latest feature release, which offers you the most flexible volunteer recruitment features in the market. You can now tailor your volunteer recruitment process the way you see fit. This new release offers you an even better way to promote volunteer opportunities from your website and other marketing channels. It also allows volunteers to preview shifts before committing, reducing barriers, and increasing sign-ups! 

Publicly Promote Available Shifts & OpportunitiesScreenshot (10)

When it comes to volunteer recruitment, the easiest way is the best way. That's why we have released our new public opportunities and shifted features. Sharing your volunteer opportunities and shifts just got a lot easier! Volunteer managers can now pick and choose which opportunities and shifts they would like to share publicly. This offers volunteers the opportunity to preview all their options and check their personal availability before they start the volunteer sign up process. This allows volunteer managers to fill shifts quickly by publicly promoting available shifts, which reduces unnecessary barriers. 

Embedded iFrame To Promote Opportunities On Your External Website

Embedded iFrame

We know that your website is the first place potential volunteers go to look for opportunities and shifts. That's why we have created our new embedded opportunities iframe. Now you can promote all your volunteer opportunities directly on your website's volunteer recruitment page through InitLive's new embedded iframe. Simply embed the iframe on your website and start promoting all your public volunteer opportunities and shifts. Whenever you update your shift information in InitLive, it automatically updates on the iframe, making volunteer recruitment easier than ever before. Now you can maintain full control over branding and your volunteer journey; no more external linking required!  




Customize and Brand Your Organization and Opportunities PagesCustom Rich Text  

We understand how important branding and marketing is to the volunteer recruitment process, which is why we added greater customization options to our organization and opportunities Pages through the addition of our rich text editor and customized sign up button feature. 

 Now you can utilize InitLive's new rich text editor to create beautifully branded organization and opportunities pages. Add videos, images, a custom sign up button, and sections to educate new volunteers about all the amazing work your organization does, helping you to promote your brand during the recruitment process further. 




Customize the Date-Range & Time Commitment

Screenshot (9)

Every organization defines their volunteer opportunities and shifts differently, which is why InitLive now offers you the ability to define them as you see fit. If your opportunity does not require a complex schedule, simplify its parameters by inputting a custom date and time on the Public Page. Dates can be defined as a Schedule Style, Days of the Week, Date(s), etc. Times can be defined as the length, frequency, hours, time, etc. Making it easier for volunteers to sign up to work. 

With all these new features at your fingertips, it's time to start getting out there and recruiting volunteers for your program, cause or event!   Log in here, or watch a demo to see how InitLive will help you implement a seamless translation.