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Dec 4, 2019 8:37:08 AM by InitLive

Feature Release: Register, Schedule, Track Attendance and Report on Groups, Teams & Families!

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Group Management has arrived! At InitLive, we know how important it is to keep groups of friends and families together on the event day. This new release offers an efficient and easy way to manage and track groups of event staff and volunteers. Now you can manage groups from registration to post-event tracking, offering a complete view of each group’s level of participation. These new features provide you the flexibility to manage groups on your terms. So let’s start exploring all the possibilities these new feature offer.

Grouping up

With this release, volunteers can group up like never before. A group is simply made up of a Group Leader and Group Members. This is great for families and teams, allowing a parent or coach the ability to take charge and manage the group’s registration and shifts as the group leader. 

InitLive offers two different types of groups for event managers to choose from, number-based groups and account-based groups. Number Based groups offer the easiest signup process possible, allowing a group leader to sign up a number of group members simply, no user accounts required. The account-based groups offers a group leader or event manager the ability to create a group and allow users to select their group during the signup process. These two group types provides the flexibility to choose what works best for you and your volunteers.

Book a 20-minute chat with your sales rep to learn more about these new features and how you can use them for your next event.  

Groups Management

Group Registration

Ready, set, register! Users no longer have to have an account to be scheduled in the InitLive system. Get a family, friend, team member to sign up on someone’s behalf. Staff/Volunteers can signup to your event as part of an existing group, or register several people they are bringing with them. Event managers can now categorize / tag staff and groups to help with scheduling decisions, simplifying group management

Group Reg

Group Scheduling

Keeping groups together just got a lot easier; now groups can sign up to shifts all at once, or they can be scheduled altogether as a group by an event manager. Event managers can quickly roster multiple people without accounts in one simple action. Filling shifts have never been more straightforward.

Group Scheduling

Onsite Group Tracking

iPhoneX_MockupKeep track of group members onsite as they arrive and leave at different times. InitLive’s Event Day App offers event managers the power to check-in group members as they arrive and leave throughout the event. This offers real-time tracking of groups and provides accurate hours tracking by the group as individuals members come and go.
Shuffle groups around as needed on the event day. Edit and reschedule shifts assigned to groups as required on the Event Day App. Keep the group leaders in the loop by sending them targeted messages throughout the day, making day-of management a piece of cake. 

Report on Activity

Get the scoop on group performance. Once your event is all finished up, you can pull group-specific reports and track their total committed hours to the total hours worked. Are you looking for even more details? You can pull a detailed report that tracks individuals and groups for more comprehensive analysis.

Group reports

Bonus Feature - Bell & Email Notifications

Stay in the connected. You can now set bell or e-mail notifications for when a volunteer or staff member removes themselves from a shift. This allows you to fill the vacancy on the fly without missing a beat

We have more good news for you! All of these product updates are just the highlights of this release! We're excited for you to log in and discover the rest.

Next Steps:

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