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Oct 28, 2022 11:55:27 AM by InitLive

InitLive Academy - New Courses Added!

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InitLive Academy has just launched seven new self-paced training courses, designed to walk administrators through each function of the volunteer management lifecycle. 

These new courses divide the upfront learning time into manageable sections and provide a smoother learning experience that directly applies to the lifecycle stage that each administrator is currently in. 



The volunteer management lifecycle has five key functions that each require different techniques and strategies for successful execution.  Every new course is designed to coach administrators through each stage of this process. 

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The following courses are laid out in a recommended order, however, learners can skip to whatever course best suits their current needs. 


Course 0: Introduction to InitLive

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Videos:  6  |  Total Learning Time:  23m

In this course, first-time administrators will learn how the InitLive system is structured and the best practices for using the tool. Also, administrators will learn how to navigate the InitLive Learning Academy and jump from course to course, and how to log in to InitLive's web application with a quick tour of the system.  



Course 1: Recruitment & Registration 


Videos:  27  |  Total Learning Time:  4h

In this course, administrators will learn how to get users into the InitLive system, how to customize registration workflows and build out custom registration forms. In addition, there is a special section of videos that provides an overview of typical signup workflows/registration styles that are often used across customers; this will be helpful for planning out how you want to leverage the system.  



Course 2: Qualifying & Screening 


Videos:  12  |  Total Learning Time:  1h 33m

In this course, administrators will learn how to use the Staff list & handle applications to the organization. In addition, administrators will learn how to build out and manage roles, qualifications, groups, availability and tags. 



Course 3: Opportunities, Scheduling & Placements 


Videos:  13  |  Total Learning Time:  1h 16m

In this course, administrators will learn how to get users into opportunities, how to build out the schedule, and how to add staff to shifts. 



Course 4: Engagement & Retention 


Videos:  2   |  Total Learning Time: 25m 25s

In this course, administrators will learn how to keep volunteers up to date and review best practices for sending out manual and automatic communications. This includes shift reminders, newsletters, convey personal schedules, shift confirmation requests and more!



Course 5: Tracking Attendance & Hours 


Videos:  10   |  Total Learning Time:  1h 26m

In this course, administrators will learn how to design a customized check-in process that best suits your organization’s attendance tracking needs. In addition, administrators will learn how to manually or automatically assign hours worked to users.



Course 6: Using the Mobile Application 


Videos:  4  |  Total Learning Time:  33m 53s

This course covers everything you need to know about the InitLive Mobile App, exploring both the Manager and Staff interfaces. 


These new courses provide administrators with a deeper understanding of the system making videos easier to reference, as it centralizes key content in a consistent learning environment.  It's time to learn at your own pace and consume relative content to the current stage you are in. 


Take a look at all the new changes! 

Visit the InitLive Learning Academy


What's Next? 

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